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16U Girls Challenge Cup
  • All Day, January 12th, 2019

16U Girls Premier - Challenge Cup

Host: Halton Hurricanes

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Maverick Blackjacks
2 Storm Monsoon
3 Georgetown Impact
4 Pakmen
5 Forest City Green
6 Halton Hurricanes Black 15U
7 REACH Matrix
8 Preds Synergy
9 Storm Hurricanes

1. Peanut Free Event

Haber Recreation Centre

Host Contact

Alicia Lauwerier

Premier Results

1 Georgetown Impact
2 Halton Hurricanes Black 15U
3 Preds Synergy
4 Storm Monsoon
5 Maverick Blackjacks
5 Pakmen
7 Forest City Green
7 REACH Matrix
9 Storm Hurricanes

16U Girls Select A - Challenge Cup

Host: Oakville Thunder

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Defensa Purple
2 Markham Revolution Merge
3 SKY Volley
4 MVC Vesuvius
5 Preds Purple
6 Leaside 15U
7 Scorpions Shine
8 Oakville Thunder Blue
9 Woodstock Warriors
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St. Thomas Aquinas

Host Contact

Kim McDonald

Select A Results

1 Woodstock Warriors
2 Preds Purple
3 MVC Vesuvius
4 SKY Volley
5 Defensa Purple
5 Scorpions Shine
7 Leaside 15U
7 Markham Revolution Merge
9 Oakville Thunder Blue

16U Girls Select B - Challenge Cup

Host: Synergy

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Scarborough Synergy 
2 Markham Revolution Fusion
3 Durham Attack Chargers
4 Titans Eclipse
5 Durham Attack Velocity
6 Leaside
7 Scarborough Synergy Dynamite
8 Venom Vipers
9 E381 Sasha

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • Doors open at 8:15 am
  • No crockpots/ slow cookers etc
  • No food or drink in the gym
  • The cafeteria will not be provided - Teams should bring their own tables as set up is in hallways.
  • Bring your own chairs as seating is limited.
  • No ball playing outside the gym
  • Entry is at the back of the school

SATEC @ W. A. Porter Collegiate Institute

Host Contact

Mark Sutton

Select B Results

Scarborough Synergy Dynamite
Durham Attack Chargers
Markham Revolution Fusion
Durham Attack Velocity
E381 Sasha
Titans Eclipse
Venom Vipers
Scarborough Synergy 

16U Girls Championship A - Challenge Cup

Host: Waterloo Tigers

Participating Teams: (9)

1 South County Bandits Teal
2 Forest City Blue
3 Stratford Stingers
4 Halton Hurricanes Blue
5 Waterloo Tigers Black
6 Preds United
7 Smash Fusion
8 LVC Fire Scorch
9 Pakmen 15U

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • No crockpots / slow cookers / electrical appliances.
  • No ball playing outside the gym area.

RE:  Parking:

In an effort to help ease the congestion at this site please note the following:  this is a shared parking lot and a number of spots have been designated as “pool and library parking only”.  These are located directly in front of the pool and library.  Please do not park in these spaces.
Do not park in the fire route for drop off or pick up.  Do not park on Board sports fields, campuses or lawns; park only in designated spots.  Please encourage carpooling as much as possible.
City by-law officers drop by on Saturday mornings to ticket people parked in the fire route and non-designated parking spots.

Host Contact

John Nelson

Championship A Results

1 Halton Hurricanes Blue
2 Pakmen 15U
3 Waterloo Tigers Black
4 Preds United
5 South County Bandits Teal
5 Stratford Stingers
7 Forest City Blue
7 LVC Fire Scorch
9 Smash Fusion

16U Girls Championship B -  Challenge Cup

Host: Georgetown Impact

Participating Teams: (9)

Phoenix Legacy
Defensa White
Niagara Rapids Legend
Titans Cronus
Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black
Smash Generation
Georgetown Impact Black
Thundercats Rage
REACH Aspire

· Doors open at 8:15 am.

·  Enter at the rear of the school - Door #12.

·  Cafeteria will be provided.

·  Slow cookers / CrockPots are permitted in the cafeteria only.

·  No food or drinks permitted in the gyms.

·  Permit does not allow access to the upper floors.

·  No ball playing outside the gyms.

Christ the King Catholic Secondary School

Division Contact

Brendon Harman

Championship B Results

1 Niagara Rapids Legend
2 Georgetown Impact Black
3 Titans Cronus
4 Smash Generation
5 Defensa White
5 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black
7 Phoenix Legacy
7 REACH Aspire
9 Thundercats Rage

16U Girls Championship C - Challenge Cup

Host: Northumberland Breakers

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Maverick Wildcards
2 Titans Rhea
3 Maverick Ambush
4 Thundercats Black
5 Markham Unity West
6 Northumberland Breakers
7 Phoenix Burn
8 Durham Rebels Crusaders
9 Maverick Gamblers
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Cobourg Community Center

Host Contact

Jane Hoekstra

Championship C Results

1 Durham Rebels Crusaders
2 Titans Rhea
3 Markham Unity West
4 Thundercats Black
5 Maverick Wildcards
5 Phoenix Burn
7 Maverick Ambush
7 Northumberland Breakers
9 Maverick Gamblers

16U Girls Trillium White A - Challenge Cup

Host: London Sharks

Participating Teams: (9)

1 South County Bandits Black
2 South County Bandits Teal 15U
3 Chatham Ballhawks Blue
4 Grimsby Vipers Supreme
5 Preds Black
6 Twin Bridges Thunderstruck
7 Scorpions Aculeus
8 London Sharks Great Whites
9 LVC Fire Smoke


Tournament Info

Please Remember

  • Team POTLUCKs are not permitted
  • Athletes may bring their own personal lunches
  • There will be a food vendor at all tournaments – check out their menu in the flyer below

Supreme Courts

Host Contact


Trillium White A Results

1 South County Bandits Teal 15U
2 London Sharks Great Whites
3 Twin Bridges Thunderstruck
4 South County Bandits Black
5 Chatham Ballhawks Blue
5 Preds Black
7 Grimsby Vipers Supreme
7 Scorpions Aculeus
9 LVC Fire Smoke

16U Girls Trillium White B - Challenge Cup

Host: Lakeside

Participating Teams: (9)

1 MVC Olympus
2 Milton Edge
3 Scorpions Smash
4 Smash Ignite
5 Waterdown Raiders Havoc
6 Redline
7 Niagara Rapids Summit
8 Ancaster Lions 15U
9 Lakeside Inkemba's
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Garth Webb Secondary School

Division Contact

Bear Davies

Trillium White B Results

1 Milton Edge
2 Smash Ignite
3 Lakeside Inkemba's
4 Niagara Rapids Summit
5 MVC Olympus
5 Redline
7 Ancaster Lions 15U
7 Scorpions Smash
9 Waterdown Raiders Havoc

16U Girls Trillium White C - Challenge Cup

Host: Storm VC

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Durham Attack Power
2 Georgian Cubs Prime
3 Northern Chill
4 Peel Selects
5 Storm Cyclones
6 E381 Alisa
7 Vision Volleyball
8 Collingwood Black Diamonds
9 REACH Apex
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Huron Heights Secondary School

Host Contact

Doug Bond

Trillium White C Results

1 Georgian Cubs Prime
2 Durham Attack Power
3 REACH Apex
4 Storm Cyclones
5 E381 Alisa
5 Northern Chill
7 Collingwood Black Diamonds
7 Peel Selects
9 Vision Volleyball

16U Girls Trillium White D - Challenge Cup

Host: Limestone VC

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Evolution 15U
2 Venom Vipers 15u
3 Clarington Grizzlies Destroyers
4 Ottawa Valley Vikings Vanguard
5 Markham Wildcats Jaguars
6 Limestone City Black
7 E381 Dunav
8 Cornwall Vikings Valkyrie
9 Limestone City Grey
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Loyalist Collegiate & Vocational Institute

Host Contact

Linda Melnick

Trillium White D Results

1 Evolution 15U
2 Clarington Grizzlies Destroyers
3 Venom Vipers 15u
4 Markham Wildcats Jaguars
5 Limestone City Black
5 Limestone City Grey
7 E381 Dunav
7 Ottawa Valley Vikings Vanguard
9 Cornwall Vikings Valkyrie

16U Girls Trillium Green A - Challenge Cup

Host: Simcoe Xtreme

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Ancaster Lions
2 London Sharks Hammerheads
3 Simcoe Xtreme
4 Waterloo Tigers Ambush
5 London Sharks Tiger Sharks
6 Chatham Ballhawks White
7 St. Thomas Express Bullets
8 Stratford Stingers 15U
9 Scorpions Strong

Tournament Info

Please Remember: 






Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Host Contact

Stan Goch

Trillium Green A Results

1 Ancaster Lions
2 Chatham Ballhawks White
3 Waterloo Tigers Ambush
4 St. Thomas Express Bullets
5 Scorpions Strong
5 Simcoe Xtreme
7 London Sharks Hammerheads
7 Stratford Stingers 15U
9 London Sharks Tiger Sharks

16U Girls Trillium Green B - Challenge Cup

Host: Niagara Sport and Social

Participating Teams: (12)

1 Lakeside Isihlangu's
2 Brant Youth
3 Niagara Rapids Legend 15U
4 MVC Columbia
5 EVP Eagles Red
6 Niagara Rapids Summit 15U
7 Smash Awaken
8 Niagara Rapids Rival 15U
9 Niagara Rapids Rival
10 Norfolk Chaos Synergy
11 Waterloo Tigers Red
12 Oakville Thunder

Tournament Info

Please Remember

  • No Crock Pots allowed

Rex Stimers Arena

Host Contact

Kerby Bentley

Trillium Green B Results

1 Niagara Rapids Legend 15U
2 MVC Columbia
3 Brant Youth
4 Smash Awaken
5 Lakeside Isihlangu's
5 Niagara Rapids Summit 15U
7 Niagara Rapids Rival
7 Oakville Thunder
9 Niagara Rapids Rival 15U
9 Waterloo Tigers Red
11 EVP Eagles Red
11 Norfolk Chaos Synergy

16U Girls Trillium Green C - Challenge Cup

Host: Outtahand

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Venom Cobras 15u
2 Galaxy Stars
3 Thundercats
4 Georgetown Impact Red
5 Markham Revolution Fury
6 ACTS Elites
7 Pioneer Rebels
8 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black 15U
9 Markham Thunder VC

Tournament Info

Please Remember

  1. Doors open at 8:15 am
  2. No crockpots/ slow cookers etc
  3. No food or drink in the gym
  4. No access to the cafeteria.
  5. The cafeteria will not be provided - There is an area for teams to set up
  6. No outdoor shoes in the gym, this goes for coaches and parents too
  7. Bring your own gym friendly chair as seating is limited
  8. No ball playing outside the gym

Host Contact

Mike Wakayama

Trillium Green C  Results

1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black 15U
2 Galaxy Stars
3 Venom Cobras 15u
4 ACTS Elites
5 Georgetown Impact Red
5 Markham Thunder VC
7 Markham Revolution Fury
7 Thundercats Charge
9 Pioneer Rebels

16U Girls Trillium Green D - Challenge Cup

Host: Venom

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Venom Cobras
2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red
3 Evolution Ice
4 Phoenix Ignite
5 EVP Eagles Black
6 Galaxy Eclipse
7 Titans Fury
8 Waves White
9 Markham Wildcats Leopards
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Stouffville District Secondary School

Host Contact

Andrew Carrasco

Trillium Green D Results

1 Evolution Ice
2 EVP Eagles Black
3 Phoenix Ignite
4 Galaxy Eclipse
5 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red
5 Venom Cobras
7 Titans Fury
7 Waves White
9 Markham Wildcats Leopards

16U Girls Trillium Green E - Challenge Cup

Host: Georgian Cubs

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Barrie Elites HP
2 West Nipissing Wild
3 Georgian Cubs Shock
4 Lindsay Invasion
5 Barrie Elites Black
6 Georgian Bay Vista
7 Barrie Elites Blue
8 Orillia Suns Apex
9 West Nipissing Wild 15U

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • No electric appliances allowed
  • Cafeteria only available till 4:30

St. Josephs CHS

Host Contact

Reg Jang

Trillium Green E Results

1 West Nipissing Wild
2 Barrie Elites HP
3 Barrie Elites Black
4 Barrie Elites Blue
5 Georgian Bay Vista
5 Lindsay Invasion
7 Georgian Cubs Shock
7 Orillia Suns Apex
9 West Nipissing Wild 15U

16U Girls Trillium Green F - Challenge Cup

Host: Clarington Grizzlies

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Waves Blue
2 Titans Black
3 Durham Attack Fury
4 Evolution
5 Clarington Grizzlies Rage
6 Durham Rebels Inferno
7 Kawartha Krushers
8 Galaxy Flares
9 Durham Attack Invasion

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • Doors will open to the public at 8:15
  • No electrical appliances allowed.
  • No food or drink allowed in the gym.
  • No ball playing outside the gym. 
  • Cafeteria for teams to set up for lunch is available. 
  • Entry to the school is at the southeast corner. 
  • The room between court 1 and Courts 2 and 3 is the referee and tournament room. Coaches, players, and spectators are not to be going through it

St. Stephen CSS

Host Contact

Nick DeFreitas

Trillium Green F Results

1 Titans Black
2 Waves Blue
3 Durham Attack Fury
4 Durham Rebels Inferno
5 Clarington Grizzlies Rage
5 Evolution
7 Galaxy Flares
7 Kawartha Krushers
9 Durham Attack Invasion

16U Girls Trillium Green G - Challenge Cup

Host: Pumas

Participating Teams: (8)

1 Pumas
2 Mustang Volleyball
3 Ottawa Fusion 15UG
4 Eastern Ontario Air Force
5 Maverick Trailblazers
6 Peterborough Thunder
7 Titanium
8 Maverick Aces

1. Doors will open at 8:00am
2. No food or drinks in the gym (unless using a no dripping cup)
3. No outdoor shoes in the gym, this goes for coaches and parents too
4. No ball playing outside the gym
6. Athletes may bring their own personal lunches
7. A Canteen will be on site, please see menu below

École Secondaire Publique l'Académie de la Seigneurie

Host Contact


Trillium Green G Results

1 Maverick Trailblazers
2 Eastern Ontario Air Force
3 Pumas
4 Maverick Aces
5 Ottawa Fusion 15UG
6 Mustang Volleyball
7 Titanium Green
7 Peterborough Thunder

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