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14U Boys Challenge Cup
  • All Day, December 15th, 2018

Premier A - 14U Boys Challenge Cup

Host: Outtahand

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Markham Unity North
2 Durham Attack Fierce
3 Preds Kaizen
4 Oakville Thunder
5 Pakmen Gold
6 Thundercats
7 Milton Edge Knights
8 Durham Attack Venom 13U
9 Leaside Thunder

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  1. Doors open at 8:15 am
  2. No crockpots/ slow cookers etc
  3. No food or drink in the gym
  4. No outdoor shoes in the gym, this goes for coaches and parents too
  5. Bring your own gym friendly chair as seating is limited
  6. No ball playing outside the gym

St. Elizabeth Catholic High School

Host Contact

Mike Wakayama

14UB Premier - Results

1 Preds Kaizen
2 Markham Unity North
3 Pakmen Gold
4 Durham Attack Fierce
5 Leaside Thunder
5 Thundercats Elevate
7 Durham Attack Venom
7 Oakville Thunder
9 Milton Edge Knights

Championship A - 14U Boys Challenge Cup

Host: Waterloo Tigers

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Durham Attack Spitfires
2 MAC Cobalt
3 Ancaster Lions Roar
4 Pakmen Black
5 Phoenix Voltage
6 Scorpions Evolution
7 Niagara Rapids Legend 
8 Reach Alpha
9 Forest City Green

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • No crockpots / slow cookers / electrical appliances.
  • No ball playing outside the gym area.

RE:  Parking:

In an effort to help ease the congestion at this site please note the following:  this is a shared parking lot and a number of spots have been designated as “pool and library parking only”.  These are located directly in front of the pool and library.  Please do not park in these spaces.
Do not park in the fire route for drop off or pick up.  Do not park on Board sports fields, campuses or lawns; park only in designated spots.  Please encourage carpooling as much as possible.
City by-law officers drop by on Saturday mornings to ticket people parked in the fire route and non-designated parking spots.

Re: Hotels

  • Please contact Sarah Currie (Group Sales Manager) at to receive exclusive rates at the Crown Plaza Hotel & Resorts at 105 King Street East in Kitchener Ontario.

Division Contact

John Nelson

14UB Championship - Results

1 Reach Alpha
2 Phoenix Voltage
3 Forest City Green
4 Niagara Rapids Legend 
5 Ancaster Lions Roar
5 Pakmen Black
7 Durham Attack Spitfires
7 MAC Cobalt
9 Scorpions Evolution

Trillium A - 14U Boys Challenge Cup

Host: London Sharks

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Sky Volley Sunshine
2 London Sharks Great Whites
3 Preds Black
4 Guelph Jr. Gryphons
5 Stratford Cobras
6 Chatham Ballhawks
7 Norfolk Chaos Heat
8 Scorpions Strikers
9 Preds Venom 13U

Tournament Info

Please Remember:

  • Team POTLUCKs are NOT permitted
  • Athletes may bring their own personal lunches
  • There will be a food vendor at all tournaments – check out their menu in the flyer below

Supreme Courts

Host Contact

Sergio Chuy

14UB Trillium A - Results

1 Sky Volley Sunshine
2 London Sharks Great Whites
3 Preds Black
4 Preds Venom 13U
5 Chatham Ballhawks
5 Stratford Cobras
7 Guelph Jr. Gryphons
7 Scorpions Strikers
9 Norfolk Chaos Heat

Trillium B - 14U Boys Challenge Cup

Host: Barrie Elites

Participating Teams: (9)

1 Markham Unity South
2 Markham Revolution Rebels
3 Northern Chill
4 Barrie Elites
5 Niagara Rapids Summit
6 Pakmen Black 13U
7 Toronto Thunderbolts
8 Preds Legacy 13U
9 Waterloo Tigers Black
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Georgian College

Host Contact

Karen Wheelan

14UB Trillium B - Results

1    Markham Unity South
2    Markham Revolution Rebels
3    Preds Legacy 13U
4    Barrie Elites
5    Pakmen Black 13U
5    Northern Chill
7    Toronto Thunderbolts
7    Waterloo Tigers Black
9    Niagara Rapids Summit

Trillium C - 14U Boys Challenge Cup

Host: Pegasus

Participating Teams: (8)

1 Georgetown Impact 13U
2 Storm Inferno
3 Maverick Bandits
4 Waves Blue
5 Kingston VC
6 Pegasus
7 Markham Revolution Rampage
8 Markham Unity 13U
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Loyalist Collegiate & Vocational Institute

Division Contact

Rose Giugovaz

14UB Trillium C - Results

1 Maverick Bandits
2 Storm Inferno
3 Kingston VC
4 Waves Blue
5 Markham Unity 13U
6 Georgetown Impact 13U
7 Markham Revolution Rampage
7 Pegasus

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