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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Ontario Volleyball is committed to fostering a welcoming environment through a diverse, equitable and inclusive game. We celebrate every race, age, disability, sexual orientation and background in our province, to unite as one community. We believe meaningful action can positively affect important change in our sport and carry over into our everyday lives.

It is important for Ontario Volleyball (OVA), its affiliates, programs, coaches, athletes, officials and clubs to have diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) as essential parts of their values and culture. Bringing together varied life experiences and perspectives add significant value to a community. Prioritizing DE&I will improve creativity, community and productivity. It will lead to a better global understanding and provide more dynamic insights.

Although our organization meets the standards set out by the provincial and federal governments, during our 2019-2020 fiscal year, we decided to go beyond the required legal standards in order to meet the needs of our members and foster a stronger volleyball community. This has been further reflected in our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

Below are resources for athletes, coaches, clubs, programs or leagues to utilize in their DE&I efforts, along with information about our education and awareness campaign (Jumpstart Funded Project) and more information about the OVA's Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (IEDAC).

If you are interested in volunteering on our committees, contributing via resource development, advice or in any other way, please fill out the pdf form below or contact:

Kerish Maharaj  |  Manager of Marketing, Communications & Community Outreach  | 


Sponsored by Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

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The OVA is grateful to announce that we were selected to receive a Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund grant. Thank you, Canadian Tire- Jumpstart! 

Your support is helping us to support the education and awareness of inclusion and diversity issues in our sport all across Ontario.⁣