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Click below to expand each section and learn more about the committees that help to shape the OVA's policies and procedures.

Standing Committees of the Board

Finance and Audit Committee

Name Committee Position
Bridget Child, CPA, CA Chair
David Woods, CPA, CA Past Chair
John Nguyen, CPA, CA Member at Large
Jennifer Harkness, MBA OVA Staff

Regional Council

Name Committee Position Region
Danny Gosselin Regional Council Chair Region 2
Tony Curciarello Member Region 1
Bryan Welsh Member Region 2
Tauri Caputo Member Region 3
Dwayne Cochrane Member Region 4
Katie Hutchinson Member Region 5
Shaun Illingworth Member Region 6
Alishia Lidums OVA Staff -

Athletes' Council

Name Committee Position
Victoria Altomare Chair
TBD Member
TBD Member

Nominations Committee

Name Committee Position
Corinne Williams Chair
Cathy O'Doherty Member
Eric McLoughlin Member

Board Committees

Human Resources Committee

Name Committee Position
Katie Hutchinson Chair
Bridget Child Member
Kelsey Orth Member

Operational Committees

Awards & History Committee

Name Committee Position
TBD Chair (appointed by the Board)
Danny Gosselin Board Member (appointed by the Board)
Tauri Caputo Regional Rep (appointed by the Board)
Samara Sevor Referee Rep (appointed by Referee Chair)
Brenda Willis Honorary Life Member
Kristine Drakich Member at Large
John Nelson Member at Large
Joely Christian-Macfarlane Member at Large
Jo-Anne Ljubicic OVA Executive Director
Chery Bennett OVA Staff

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Advisory Committee (IDEAC)

Name Committee Position Club/Organization
Kerish Maharaj Co-Chair
Michael Amoroso Co-Chair OVA Board of Directors
Andrew Robb Member OVA Regional Referee Chair
Bryan Fautley Member Sobeys Olympic Support Program
Ally Fast Member Niagara Penguins/Brock University
Jessy Satti Member Pakmen Volleyball Club
Shanice Marcelle Member Team Canada Professional Athlete
Jen Neilson Member York University Lions
Samara Sevor Parent Rep
Hilary McGregor Member
Alishia Lidums OVA Staff

Indoor Volleyball Development Committee (IVDC)

Name Committee Position Club/Team
Bruce Stafford Co-Chair Storm Volleyball
Paul Pavan Co-Chair KW Predators
Allison Haley Member Cornwall Vikings Volleyball
Bo Brkic Member Storm Volleyball
Brenda Willis Member Kingston Rock Volleyball Club
Darren Ervine Member -
Judi Shum Mousseau Member Maverick Volleyball Club
Sean Pellow Member Club Neutral VBall
Brett Hagarty Athlete Representative Interim Coach: Lakehead University
LP Mainville OVA Staff -
Jo-Anne Ljubicic OVA Executive Director -
Alishia Lidums OVA Staff -

High Performance Committee

Name Committee Position
Shayne White Member
Ian Eibbitt Member
Corinne Williams Member
Brian O'Reilly Member
LP Mainville OVA Staff
Angie Shen OVA Staff
Lauren Breadner OVA Staff

Referee Committee

Name Committee Position
Andrew Robb Ontario Regional Referee Chair (ORRC)
Andy Cameron Operations Chair
Jason Dodd Programs Chair
Bob Rocque Quality Assurance Chair
Kelvin Yee Beach Referees Chair
Al Tkachuk Region 1 (West) Rep
Tony Curciarello Region 1 (East) Rep
Brian Rancourt Region 2 Rep
Samara Sevor Region 3 Rep
Lynn Watkins Region 4 Rep
Jennifer Adams Region 5 Rep
Irena Zamboni Region 6 Rep
Alishia Lidums OVA Staff
Kelvin Cheng OVA Staff