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OVA Coach Academy

What is the Coach Academy?

The Ontario Volleyball Coach Academy is an online resource sharing platform meant to address the needs of  club directors and coaches from all levels of experience and to reduce the geographical barriers to access to coach education by bringing together people from across Ontario.

The Coach Academy launched on October 26th thanks to the support of the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Support Grant. All registered OVA coaches and club contacts will have access to the platform for one year for free.


As we keep managing the risks associated with Covid-19, the focus of the Coach Academy will be to offer resources that will help everyone return to volleyball safely. It will offer coaches and clubs a chance to stay engaged and to keep growing our Ontario volleyball community despite the limited opportunities to connect in person. As we move out of this pandemic over the next year, the Coach Academy will allow us to build on what we’ve learned during these challenging times and return to volleyball stronger together by improving the way we serve our athletes, clubs and communities.




The Coach Academy offers various resources and opportunities to connect in split in different sections:

Return To Play

Videos explaining the various safety protocols in place for a safe and healthy return to play as well as examples of drills that can be run in Stage 2 & 3 of the Ontario Reopening Framework.

Virtual Training

Videos, documents and activities for coaches to run virtual athlete development sessions on various topics from team building to sport science and technical/tactical training.


All past and recent coach development webinar recordings. The full sessions are available and a search option allows people to find exactly what they need within the 30+ hours of content


A place for coaches to ask questions about coaching and to submit suggestions for content they would like to see in future Coach Academy sections

More sections will be added in 2021 as we build our online coach community and open up the platform for all members to be able to share content


“How to” videos to help coaches develop their athletes technical/tactical, physical, psychological and life skills.


Videos and documents presenting practice and drill plans to help coaches run effective and engaging training sessions.


Information on upcoming coach development events, in-person and virtual.


Profiles of coaches who share resources on the platform to easily connect with inspiring people.

How to Access the Coach Academy


All OVA members registered in a Coach or Club Technical Director role will have access to the Coach Academy for free from October 2020 to September 2021.

OVA members registered as of October 23rd

All coaches and technical directors registered in MRS by October 23rd will be given access to the Coach Academy on the launch day of October 26th. An email will be sent to the email address used to register as a member in MRS.

OVA members registering on October 24th or later

All coaches and technical directors registering after October 23rd will be given access to the Coach Academy within 2 business days of registering as a member in MRS. An email will be sent to the email address used to register as a member in MRS.

Upon receiving the invitation email, members will have to follow the link in the email and activate their account by completing the profile page. Make sure to enter the email address at which your invitation was sent and click “APPLY” at the top of the page to get your free access to the Coach Academy.

The Coach Academy is possible thanks to the support of: