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The initial tryout period for the upcoming indoor season has ended, but there are still clubs seeking players to fill out their rosters. You can find detailed information for those clubs and the athletes they are seeking in the table below . Please ensure you are familiar with the OVA Tryout Window Policy prior to attending or holding a tryout and sending or accepting an offer.

Female Resigned Athletes 2019-2020
Club Team First Last
Barrie Elites Priscilla Corrado
Barrie Elites Mackenzie Forsey
Barrie Elites Lyla Flood
Barrie Elites Chantal Eigler
Brant Youth VC 15U Athena Hedley
Brant Youth VC 15U Gynjer Slazsak
Brant Youth VC 15U Quinn McLeod
Brant Youth VC 15U Anna Carter
Brant Youth VC 15U Lucia Ausman
Brant Youth VC 15U Nikina Bear-Lowen
Brant Youth VC 18U Kate Sitak
Brant Youth VC 18U Kaitlyn Versmeech
Defensa 17U Ana Zaric
Defensa 17U Anna Smrek
Defensa 17U Emma Jose
Defensa 17U Mady Saris
Defensa 17U Grace Melnick
Defensa 17U Kassandra Pavlic
Defensa 17U Viktoria Wahlgren
Defensa 17U Ava Pernu
Defensa 17U Julia Vacca
Defensa 17U Kristen Vacca
Defensa 17U Kyla Bell
Defensa 17U Meghan Wittig
Defensa 17U Sanaah Rahmatian
Defensa 16U Hailey Holland
Defensa 16U Chloe Dries
Defensa 16U Hailey Shannon
Defensa 16U Isabelle Laube
Defensa 16U Kiera McCarles
Defensa 16U Kennedy Stevens
Defensa 16U Maddie Cavanaugh
Defensa 16U Mia Faraj
Defensa 16U Natalia Vargas
Defensa 16U Emma Yeomans
Defensa 16U Joelle Pecyna
Defensa 15U Mychael-May Wilson
Defensa 15U Abbey Schaffler
Defensa 15U Aliya Rahmatian
Defensa 15U Amanda Moran
Defensa 15U Anna Marie Horvat
Defensa 15U Lauren Burton
Forest City Volleyball 18U Piper VanderVelden
Forest City Volleyball 18U Jill Lancaster
Forest City Volleyball 18U Sarah Pardo
Forest City Volleyball 18U Jacey Deering
Forest City Volleyball 18U Sammie Gibson
Forest City Volleyball 18U Marlize Rupple
Forest City Volleyball 18U Rachel Gray
Forest City Volleyball 18U Juliana Dieleman
Forest City Volleyball 17U Sydney Scatcherd
Forest City Volleyball 17U Jasmine Cooper
Forest City Volleyball 17U Emily Pilarski
Forest City Volleyball 17U Ava Ebert
Georgina Riptide 16U Kira-Mia Andrade
Georgina Riptide 16U Kianna Rae
Georgina Riptide 16U Krisha Derona
Georgina Riptide 16U Celina Broadhead
Georgain Cubs 18U Ayleen Swartz
Georgain Cubs 18U Brianna Collins
Georgain Cubs 18U Meaghan Amaral
Georgain Cubs 18U Brooke Milliner
Georgain Cubs 18U Willow Cunningham
Georgain Cubs 18U Lydia Fearon
Georgain Cubs 18U Trinity Parchment
Georgain Cubs 16U Summer Cunningham
Georgain Cubs 16U Ella Sharpe
Georgain Cubs 16U Kieran Goldthorpe
Georgain Cubs 16U Haley Teno
Georgain Cubs 16U Kaitlin Frank
Georgain Cubs 15U Sofia Lopez
Georgain Cubs 15U Ava Wright
Georgain Cubs 15U Jayde Crawford
Georgain Cubs 15U Samantha Janicki
Guelph Youth Volleyball Maya McIntyre
Guelph Youth Volleyball Chloe Bush
Guelph Youth Volleyball Emma Lawlor
Guelph Youth Volleyball Emily Filer
Guelph Youth Volleyball Julia Doerbecker
Guelph Youth Volleyball Ava Lomas
Guelph Youth Volleyball Cate Lawrence
Guelph Youth Volleyball Amber Vreeland
Halton Hurricanes 18U Phoenix Lee
Halton Hurricanes 18U Hayley Brookes
Halton Hurricanes 18U Aimee Lemire
Halton Hurricanes 18U Maya Cerantola
Halton Hurricanes 18U Clody Guerard
Halton Hurricanes 18U Sasha Van Der Merwe
Halton Hurricanes 18U Jenna Peters
Halton Hurricanes 18U Emma McKinnon
Halton Hurricanes 18U Eden Punch
Halton Hurricanes 18U Emily Foest
Halton Hurricanes 17U Carly Anderson
Halton Hurricanes 17U Mya Newton
Halton Hurricanes 17U Kaylie Wright
Halton Hurricanes 17U Jocelyn Brooks
Halton Hurricanes 17U Matea Skenderija
Halton Hurricanes 16U Chayse Victoria
Halton Hurricanes 16U Anna Wilson
Halton Hurricanes 16U Bella Henderson
Halton Hurricanes 16U Mikayla McBain
Halton Hurricanes 16U Mackenna Knox
Halton Hurricanes 16U Alyssa Lalli
Halton Hurricanes 16U Reese Cholette
Halton Hurricanes 16U Trishia Fields
Halton Hurricanes 15U Caitlyn Staresinic
Halton Hurricanes 15U Nikolina Miskovic
Halton Hurricanes 15U Cooper Jones
Halton Hurricanes 15U Raquel Lalli
Halton Hurricanes 15U Brea DeSouza
Lakeside Maddie Closurdo
Lakeside Emma Closurdo
Lakeside Keira Gilleland
Lakeside Jenna Hassan
Lakeside Emma Pagani
Lakeside Fiona Mero
Lakeside Jasmine Ashley-Smith
Lakeside Sophia Haluza
Lakeside Milica Cutura
Lakeside Elise Pridmore
Lakeside Selin Yenigun
Lakeside Rana Guler
Lakeside Milly Frasca
Lakeside Gabriella Kinney
Lakeside Katrina Kinney
Lakeside Vivian Jolicoeur-Becotte
London Sharks Great Whites Sophie Landry
London Sharks Great Whites Payton Kibble
Markham Revolution Fire Elina Parkhomenko
Markham Revolution Fire Caherine Emer
Markham Revolution Fire Sophia Emer
Markham Revolution Fire Elaine Liu
Markham Revolution Fire Selena Li
Markham Revolution Inferno Christina Paspalofski
Markham Revolution Inferno Maddy Hutchison
Markham Revolution Inferno Alicia Wang
Markham Revolution Inferno Samantha Schmidt
Markham Revolution Inferno Kassandra Vidinovski
Markham Revolution Inferno Brianna Moffat
Markham Revolution Inferno Nicole Poroshenko
Markham Revolution Inferno Maya Murphy
Markham Revolution Fury Anna Khalitova
Markham Revolution Fury Richelle Makhlouta
Markham Revolution Fury Olivia Katsnelson
Markham Revolution Fury Elizabeth Dumitrache
Markham Revolution Fury Lilah Campanella
Markham Revolution Fury Kelly Zhang
Markham Revolution Fury Mikayal Attardo
Markham Revolution Fusion Dalia Provad
Milton Edge Platinum Sarah Lamers
Milton Edge Platinum Rylie Kahler
Milton Edge Platinum Kareena Toor
Milton Edge Platinum Emma Cabral
MVC Columbia Alyssa Zinn
MVC Columbia Gillian Hua
MVC Columbia Daniella Groppo
MVC Vesuvius Hope Simpson
MVC Vesuvius Claire Carter
MVC Vesuvius Shelby O'Hanian
MVC Olympus Payton Lightfoot
MVC Olympus Frances Cooke
MVC Olympus Paige Owen
MVC Olympus Olivia Dimitrovich
MVC Olympus Lauren McCarthy
MVC Olympus Maddy Vanbessien
MVC Olympus Mary Andrikopoulos
MVC Olympus Fernanda Santiago
Norfolk Volleyball Club Reese Pehlke
Norfolk Volleyball Club Gwynne Sheldrake
Norfolk Volleyball Club Kiley Long
Norfolk Volleyball Club Chloe Brownlee
Norfolk Volleyball Club Lauren Brown
Norfolk Volleyball Club Mya VanDyk
Norfolk Volleyball Club Lily VanDenHurk-Cook
Norfolk Volleyball Club Rasa Karges
Norfolk Volleyball Club Lauren Fabi
Norfolk Volleyball Club Jayden Hannah
Norfolk Volleyball Club Taylor Penman
Norfolk Volleyball Club Sydnee Foster
Norfolk Volleyball Club Grace Giles
Norfolk Volleyball Club Meghan Kitchen
Norfolk Volleyball Club Ava Harrison
Norfolk Volleyball Club Danielle Demarest
Norfolk Volleyball Club Haley Stilwell
Norfolk Volleyball Club Madeline Bowslaugh
Norfolk Volleyball Club Madison Nooreberghe
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 15UG Katie Sawyer
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 16UG Sophie Hotte
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 16UG Anika Fok
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 16UG Sydney Horning
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 16UG Olivia Pannell
Phoenix Blaze Karina Craig
Phoenix Blaze Grace Foley
Phoenix Blaze Hana Ley
Phoenix Blaze Jesse Peck
Phoenix Blaze Jaime Rockwell
Phoenix Blaze Charley Schiedel
Phoenix Blaze Jaya Sigurdson
Phoenix Blaze Emma Williams
Phoenix Legacy Briar Crerar
Phoenix Legacy Katrina Kozak
Phoenix Legacy Danielle Neichenbauer
Phoenix Legacy Ava Roodbol
Phoenix Chloe Saunders
Storm Volleyball Avalanche Julia Capone
Storm Volleyball Avalanche Hannah Duchesneau
Storm Volleyball Avalanche Alisa Gavva
Storm Volleyball Avalanche Sam Ingleton
Storm Volleyball Avalanche Amanda Siksna
Storm Volleyball Avalanche Mary Stewart
Storm Volleyball Surge Kate Bingham
Storm Volleyball Surge Adriana Guillemin
Storm Volleyball Surge Jamee Henson
Storm Volleyball Surge Logan King
Storm Volleyball Surge Sarah O'Hare
Storm Volleyball Surge Michaela Nicolo
Storm Volleyball Surge Evelyn Smith
Storm Volleyball Ice Camryn Masciarelli
Storm Volleyball Ice Regan Bucciol
Storm Volleyball Ice Emily Willer
Storm Volleyball Ice Kianna Niaki
Storm Volleyball Ice Mateja Clifford
Storm Volleyball Ice Natalie Morrison
Storm Volleyball Ice Victoria Harris
Storm Volleyball Ice Noor Boutanos
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Alexa Shields
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Alyson Malowney
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Ava Khademi
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Emily Bulmer
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Holly Biasi
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Jessica Reid
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Laura Flannigan
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Madeleine Lutes
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Maya Palazzi
Storm Volleyball Monsoon Payton King
Storm Volleyball Tsunami Ruby Brown
Storm Volleyball Tsunami Michelle Stripe
Storm Volleyball Tsunami Ellen Sanders
Storm Volleyball Tsunami Rowan Edwards
Storm Volleyball Tsunami Madelyn Budweth
Storm Volleyball Tsunami Olivia Melnik
Storm Volleyball Mia Ylipahkala
Thundercats 15U Black Claire Senjule
Thundercats 15U Black Vanesa Stern
Thundercats 15U Black Alexandra Drotenko
Thundercats 15U Black Laila Khazraie
Thundercats 15U Black Emitis Eslami
Thundercats 15U Gold Celeste Apa
Thundercats 15U Gold Aleksandra Kubura
Thundercats 15U Gold Bianca Aceto
Thundercats 15U Gold Katie Eichenberg
Thundercats 15U Gold Olivia Intraligi
Thundercats 15U Gold Nazanin Arabi
Thundercats 16U Chloe Lui
Thundercats 16U Ashley Tang
Thundercats 16U Maithily Kadam
Thundercats 16U Judy Moussa
Thundercats 16U Hailey Nurse
Thundercats 17U Raeyna Wycoco
Thundercats 17U Christie Budiatmanto
Thundercats 17U Maja Vlahovic
Thundercats 17U Catherine Lashakova
Thundercats 17U jorja berney
Thundercats 17U Renee Wu
Thundercats 17U Victoria Cho
Thundercats 18U Misha Gubatan-Behi
Thundercats 18U Kristal Lim
Thundercats 18U Erin Lee
Thundercats 18U Julia Cohen
Thundercats 18U Victoria Ferrari
Thundercats 18U Olivia Rucinskas
Thundercats 18U Bianca Marchetti
Titans Volleyball Ares Natalie Barnes
Titans Volleyball Ares Karylton Hinshelwood
Titans Volleyball Ares Celia Hsiung
Titans Volleyball Ares Teodora Ilic
Titans Volleyball Ares Valeria Picon-Daza
Titans Volleyball Ares Anastasia Poffley
Titans Volleyball Helios Nicole Shinozaki
Titans Volleyball Helios Kiki Drozd
Titans Volleyball Helios Kalyna Darewych
Titans Volleyball Helios Mykala Pomes
Titans Volleyball Helios Jade Liu
Venom Volleyball Isis Burton
Venom Volleyball Anna Arellano
Venom Volleyball Karolina Sobachenkova
Venom Volleyball Surin Baghbani
Venom Volleyball Lauren Linde
Venom Volleyball Eleanor Palmer
Venom Volleyball Haben Yohannes
Venom Volleyball Anne Palmer

Early Re-signed Athletes - FemaleĀ 

Male Re-signed Players 2019-2020
Club Team First Last
Barrie Elites Niko Szoldatits-Quesnel
Barrie Elites Dean Battaglia
Barrie Elites Matt Schmanda
Barrie Elites Tyler Blair
Barrie Elites Chaze Pain
Barrie Elites Carter Timmons
Brant Youth VC 15U Athena Hedley
Brant Youth VC 15U Gynjer Slazsak
Brant Youth VC 15U Quinn McLeod
Brant Youth VC 15U Anna Carter
Brant Youth VC 15U Lucia Ausman
Brant Youth VC 15U Nikina Bear-Lowen
Brant Youth VC 18U Kate Sitak
Brant Youth VC 18U Kaitlyn Versmeech
Forest City 16U Andrew Kerkhoff
Forest City 16U Zac Taylor
Forest City 18U Ethan McLean
Forest City 18U Jack Richards
Forest City 18U Nathan Morelli
Forest City 18U Ben Sparks
Forest City 18U Ryan Kadlecik
Forest City 18U Blake Branding
Forest City 18U Draydon Cheng
Forest City 18U Ethan Hendriksen
Forest City 18U Sean Donker
KW Predators Izaak Zabjek
KW Predators Kyler Francis
KW Predators Dirk Sybersma
KW Predators Chris Daka
KW Predators Elai Mizrahi
KW Predators Gabe St. Pierre
M.A.C 15U Caleb Hout
M.A.C Jack Fitzgerald
Markham Revolution Rouges Tim kouarine
Markham Revolution Rouges Averey Lew
Markham Revolution Rouges Yarolav Svidritskiy
Markham Revolution Rouges Nathaniel Skill
Markham Revolution Rouges Daniel Bajenaru
Markham Revolution Rouges Chris Zhang
Markham Revolution Rouges Mason Gillick
Markham Revolution Revs Roger Chan
Markham Revolution Revs Steve Tohme
Markham Revolution Revs Giovanni Latino
Markham Revolution Revs Lyam Krapp
Milton Edge Razors Jaten Mahil
Milton Edge Razors Max Tsiapalis
Milton Edge Razors Dennis Cota
Milton Edge Razors Marko Nedev
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 17U Tyler Hampel
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 17U Gibson Northrup
North Bay Youth Volleyball Club 17U James Daniel
Thunder Cats Elevate Liam Marchetti
Thunder Cats Elevate Daniel Nikashov
Thunder Cats Elevate Julian Moustakis
Thunder Cats Elevate Daniil Hershtynovich
Thunder Cats Elevate Daniel Naghavi
Thunder Cats Legacy Marcus Cheng
Thunder Cats Legacy Ethan Rosebloom
Thunder Cats Legacy Jack Chin-Mackley
Thunder Cats Legacy Jayson Tian
Thunder Cats Legacy David Buckley
Thunder Cats Legacy Andrew Haber
Thunder Cats Legacy Gavin Katz
Venom Volleyball Alesandro Sougaris
Venom Volleyball Haben Yohannes
Venom Volleyball Nate McNeil
Venom Volleyball Nathan Lee

Early Re-Signed Athletes - Male

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