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2021 Indoor Competitions

This coming Winter/Spring we want to get the athletes back on the court and into competition. The COVID pandemic has allowed for the beginning of the Indoor Volleyball season to focus on development and now we hope to compete!

Please review the event information below prior to proceeding with your intent to register.  when making the decision to participate in OVA League play.  League play is a standalone playing opportunity and will have no effect on the Summer/Spring Championship or the start of the 2021/2022 season. 

The OVA would like to assure our members and key stakeholders that this was a decision that was made using best practices as advised by our team that includes sport, legal, and insurance experts.

The safety and well-being of our athletes, coaches, and anyone else involved in our sport. With that in mind, we understand and are respectful of the team's/individual's decision to participating and encourage people to participate only if they feel comfortable.

As a reminder, these events include a mandatory mask rule and are able to proceed because of our modifications to safety protocols that follow the government’s health regulations.

Please contact Kaitlin Malyon  for any additional questions regarding the 12U-15U age divisions or Mark Wiersma  for 16U-18U. In the meantime, we wish everybody good health and a speedy return to normal activities as soon as we are able.

League Format

Provincial Wave – April 3rd - April 23rd - Registration Deadline: March 22nd at 11:59PM  

Challenge Wave – May 8th - May 28th - Registration Deadline: April 19th at 11:59PM 

OVA League Play will be open to teams/individuals who reside in the Prevent – Green to Restrict – Orange zones. Members who live in a Control–Red or Lockdown – Grey zone but are part of a Prevent-Green to Restrict–Orange team may not take part in OVA League Play 

OVA’s league structure is dependent on teams self-scheduling their matches. League play will consist of 2 waves that are each 3 weeks long with a 2-week washout period in-between.  Throughout the 3-week wave and during each washout period it is highly recommended that each team refrains from scrimmages outside of their cohort.  

Registered teams for each wave will be split into groups of 4 based on geographic location, competitive balance, age group and gender.  Teams can ONLY participate in one age category for the OVA League, they are encouraged register for the age division that best suits their skill level.  If registration numbers are low for an age division, the OVA staff will look at combining two age divisions as one.

Once the groupings of 4 are created, an email will be sent to each team with contact information for the team personnel who is responsible for scheduling matches.  Each grouping makes their own schedules and can play games at times and locations that fit within their playing and training schedule i.e., during practice time. There are no limitations on when games are scheduled. They can take place evenings, mid-day, mornings on a weekday or weekend.  Teams are limited to their facility rules and regulations and government restrictions.  

Coaches of each cohort will be emailed by OVA staff approximately 5-7 days prior to the start of the wave. This welcome email will include the contact details for all 4 teams.  Each cohort has a 3-week window to play a single round robin within the group. 

The 4 team managers will setup a meeting to create their own schedules based on the available gym time within the cohort. It is completely up to the group of 4 as to how and where these matches will be scheduled. 

  • I.e. Spikers have a 90minute practice timeslot on a Thursday night and invite the Smashers to their facility to complete their 2/3 match.  
  • I.e. Diggers have access to a facility for an entire Saturday afternoon so the cohort could schedule a few round robin matches within the group to take place in the same day.  

Teams will work with OVA local assignors to book referees for their matches 

  • 11U-16U: Best 2 of 3
  • 17U-18U: Best 3 of 5  

Assignors can be contacted using the following email addresses.  



Contact info 

Region 1 West 

Al Tkachuk  

Region 1 East 

Tony Curcuiarello  

Region 2 

Brian Rancourt  

Region 3 

Samara Sevor  

Region 4 

Lynn Watkins  

Region 5 

Jennifer Adams  

Region 6 

Irena Zamboni  


Home Team Responsibilities

Once teams collaborate and schedule their games, the home team for each match will be the permit holder for venue. The host team will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Providing a contact person for your opponent should any issues or question arise that pertain to your scheduled match 
  • Contacting your local referee assignor. This step should be completed as soon as possible  
  • Game-day contact person must ensure all daily health screening forms are completed on the day of the competition 
    • Upon the visiting team arriving to the gym it is recommended that the host team greet the team at the entrance to the facility to review screening forms prior to entry to the facility  
    • Gym set-up and tear-down: 
    • Equipment (chairs, scorer’s table, Ref stands) ensuring physical distancing requirements are met 
    • Posting Signage  (please keep all posters these are meant to be re-used for the entirety of the wave) 
  • Home teams are not required to provide warm-up balls for the opposing team  
  • Home teams are responsible for submitting their gym expenses to  

Return to Play Protocols and Rule Modifications

For a full version of Rule Modifications please see the document above.

For a full version of the OVA's Return to Play documents please click HERE.

  • All athletes and team staff will be required to complete a daily health screening questionnaire (DHSQ) on the day of the event. Athletes will not be permitted on the courts until the form is completed. . 
  • Masks must be worn while in the facility, during warm-up and during game play.
  • There will be no side switches.
  • Hand sanitizer will be supplied, however, teams will be required to bring their own.
  • There is no deliberate physical contact permitted.
    • No high-fives;
    • Handshaking;
    • Group or individual hugging/huddles and
    • Group celebrations that involve deliberate physical contact.


  • The player coming off the court exits from along the net.
  • The player coming on enters from the attack line (3m away from the exiting player)
  • If there is a double substitution, the next player to enter waits behind the first player to enter.


  • Timeouts can be taken on the court.
  • Athletes retrieve their water bottle at their seat and can gather on the court staying 2m away.
  • The team must have a towel to wipe water off the court after the timeout.


  • The libero coming off the court must be 2m away from the player entering the court and vice versa.

End of match protocol

  • At the end of a match, there is no handshake.
  • The players who were just on the court will line up on the attack line keeping distance and facing the other side of the net.
  • The players that were on the bench will line up on the end line and face the other side.
  • Once everyone one is lined up, players will wave at each other as a sign of respect.

Talking to the referee

  • If the captain must talk to the ref, they must do so from inside the court. They must stay in the court, walking up to the sideline.

Registration Details

Each Season, teams, players and coaches must be registered by means of the Membership Registration System (MRS - with payment by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).  All wave registrations will be done through the Membership Registration System.  League registration will open February 22nd, 2021.*

11U-16U or best 2 of 3 $275 + HST 
17U-18U or best 3 of 5 $360 + HST 

 What’s included in your entry fee: 

  • Cost of your gym time will be paid up to: ​ 
    • 90 minutes for a 2 out of 3 (11-16U) ​ 
    • 120 minutes for a 3 out of 5 (17U & 18U) ​ 
  • OVA official fees will be covered for 1 referee per match 
  • For the 11-16U age group, the referee will be paid for a 3-straight match to get more playing time in​  
  • League administration 
  • League kit per team (hand sanitizer, scoresheets, lineup cards) ​
  • Bonus previously loved MVA ball for first 250 teams registered 
Age Divisons Registration Links

Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


Provincial Wave

Challenge Wave


The deadline for all waves for all age divisions will be 3 weeks prior to the start of the wave.  

  • Provincial Wave – Registration Deadline: March 22nd at 11:59pm    
  • Challenge Wave – Registration Deadline: April 19th at 11:59pm    

NOTE: These dates and deadlines are subject to change and dependent on the most up to date government regulations and COVID-19 landscape in Ontario