• I tried to login/reset my password but NRS keeps telling me the information is wrong. I know the information I am entering is correct. What do I do?

    It is important to remember that the NRS system is case sensitive and counts spaces as characters. We recommend that you try entering the information in all lowercase letters – this is the most common error!  Another help tip is to manually type all information into the NRS login fields – copying and pasting information can often result in extra spaces being included in the entry.

    If a problem persists please contact the OVA office at info@ontariovolleyball.org.

  • What coaching certification do I need to be an indoor coach?

    For 13U-16U the Head Coach must be a fully certified Level 1 coach. For 17U-18U the Head Coach must be fully certified Level 1, and have completed the Level 2 Technical Course.

  • I am a teacher and sign a declaration each year for my school board, do I still need to get a police record check done?

    Yes! Teachers are only required to get one police check done at the start of their teaching careers; they then sign offence declarations every year thereafter.  Under OVA policy a police check must include a Vulnerable Sector Screening and is only valid for 3 years. Any teacher who has taught for more than three years must get a new police check completed in order to coach/officiate with us.

    We also require new police checks be completed for police officers, military personnel and government employees who have not had a check done in 3 years.

  • I had a police check and Vulnerable Sector Screening completed for another organization, will OVA accept this check?

    If your check was completed within the past 3 years we will accept a copy at the OVA office to review.  If it meets our requirements, no new check will need to be completed until 3 years from the date the last check was done.

  • I need a police record check to coach/officiate, what do I need do?

    OVA Coaches and Officials are required to get a Police Record Check (PRC) and Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) completed once every 3 years. The process to get a PRC and VSS completed varies depending on which police jurisdiction you reside in. Please visit the Police Record Checks page for more information about how to get a PRC and VSS completed in your area and to review our Screening Policy.

  • How can I host an OVA tournament?

    Since the OVA does not own a gymnasium, the success of the indoor season depends on Clubs obtaining quality facilities and hosting the tournaments.  It is also a great way to raise money for your team and club! For more information, visit our Hosting Tournaments page.

  • I want to play volleyball, what programs are available to me?

    There are two program options (recreational and competitive) for this age group.

    If you have little or no volleyball experience, or if you want to learn the fundamentals of volleyball in a fun environment, check out our SPIKES program. SPIKES is a developmental volleyball program designed for 6-16 year olds. This program will teach you the fundamentals of the game before playing for a competitive travelling team.

    For those who have volleyball experience and are looking for a competitive playing environment, the OVA oversees Indoor Youth Competitions. Competitive age groups start at 13 and under and go up to 18 and under, with teams travelling across the province to compete against other teams.  Please visit the Club Information page to find a club in your area. Each club runs independent of the OVA, so you will need to contact them directly for more information regarding what age divisions and teams they offer, as well as registration costs and tryout information.

  • The school board I have a permit with is asking for proof of insurance, how do I get an insurance certificate?

    To obtain an insurance certificate, complete our online insurance request form. Please submit your request to the OVA office a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event date.

  • What age division am I eligible to play in?

    For the 2013-14 season the Youth Competition age categories are as follows:

    13U - Born in 2001 or later
    14U - Born in 2000 or later
    15U - Born in 1999 or later
    16U - Born in 1998 or later
    17U - Born in 1997 or later
    18U - Born in 1996 or later

  • When is the Beach Tour tournament registration deadline?

    The Monday before the weekend of play at 11:59 AM. For example: Registration for May 25-26 would be on Monday May 20th at 11:59 AM.

  • How do I enroll in a SPIKES program?

    All current or upcoming SPIKES programs are listed on the SPIKES event calendar. Each SPIKES program is independently run, you will need to contact the specific program leader that is listed on the program poster, and they will be able to answer any program specific questions and will help you through the registration process. Programs run for approximately 8-10 weeks and usually begin in September, January, April/May and June/July.

  • How do I find a SPIKES program in my area?

    All current or upcoming SPIKES programs are listed on the SPIKES Calendar. Programs are posted on this webpage once they are arranged with the OVA.

    Can’t find a SPIKES program listed in your area? Interested in starting your own SPIKES Program? Learn more on our Start Your OWN Program page.

  • I want to tryout for Team Ontario (indoor), what do I need to know?

    We hold an Open Tryout for our High Performance Centre (HPC) in late May/early June. The HPC is held during the first week of July each year and is where the 18U Provincial Team (Team Ontario) is selected.

    The Provincial Team then trains for a week following the HPC before heading to the National Team Challenge Cup which is held in late July.

    We update information about Team Ontario regularly so it is a good idea to keep checking our website.

  • Does the OVA run beach volleyball programs for adults?

    The OVA in partnership with City of Toronto and our service provider Beach Blast, runs weekday adult recreational beach volleyball leagues from May to September annually. The leagues operate Monday through Friday and take place at Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine Park in Toronto.

    Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, competitive or an elite player, we will have a place for you to play and enjoy beach volleyball at Ashbridges Bay. For league information, please the Ashbridges Bay Beach Volleyball Website.

  • Does the OVA run indoor volleyball programs for adults?

    The OVA does not currently run indoor adult programming, but there are many options for adults looking for volleyball programs in Ontario.  We recommend contacting your local community centre to see what adult volleyball programming they offer.

  • How can the OVA help me promote my own volleyball event?

    You can sanction your volleyball event with the OVA and in return, the OVA will you help promote your event to all of its members. These events can include a competition, camp, clinic or volleyball related special event.

    To have a single event sanctioned, it is $225.00. Included in this cost:

    • Event information is posted on the OVA Calendar of Events webpage
    • The event will be highlighted on the front page of the OVA website for one (1) week
    • The event will be featured in the bi-weekly Between the Lines e-newsletter to all members
    • Organizers can promote their event as an OVA Sanctioned Event

    To find out more about sanctioning an event with us, please visit the OVA Sanctioned Events Information Page.