Winter Beach Tour
Feb 26 Beach Blast Rankings.pdf

Feb11 North Beach Rankings.pdf

Jan22 Beach Blast Rankings.pdf

Jan 7 North Beach Rankings.pdf
Jan 7 Beach Blast Rankings.pdf

Year-end final rankings consist of the average of 3 tournament results - the best 2 OVA Beach Tour events and Ontario Championships.

Adult Female 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
Youth Open Female 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
18U Girls 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
16U Girls 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
15U Girls 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
14U Girls 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
13U Girls 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
12U Girls 2016 Final Rankings.pdf

Adult Male 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
Youth Open Male 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
18U Boys 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
16U Boys 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
15U Boys 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
14U Boys 2016 Final Rankings.pdf
13U Boys 2016 Final Rankings.pdf

August 12-14
OSGs Girls Schedules.pdf
OSGs Boys Schedules.pdf
2016 OSGs Rankings.pdf

Kitchener August 14 Rankings.pdf

August 6-7
18UG Premier Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf
18UG Championship Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf
18UB Premier Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf
15UB Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf
15UG Premier Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf
15UG Championship Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf
15UG Challenger Ontario Championships Schedule.pdf

Adult - Ontario Championships.pdf
OCs Women's Elite Schedule.pdf
Men's Elite Schedule.pdf
15U 18U Ontario Championships Rankings.pdf
13U Ashbridges Saturday Rankings.pdf

July 30-31

Youth Open Male Beach OCs Schedule.pdf
Youth Open Female Beach OCs Schedule.pdf
16UB Premier Beach OCs Schedule.pdf
16UG Premier Beach OCs Schedule.pdf
16UG Championship Beach OCs Schedule.pdf

North Bay Grand Slam Rankings.pdf
OCs Rankings 16U & Youth Open.pdf
Ashbridges July 30.pdf

Beach Blast July 30 Rankings.pdf
Beach Blast July 31 Rankings.pdf

July 23-24
Ashbridges Adult July 23 Rankings.pdf
Ashbridges July 23 Rankings.pdf
Ashbridges July 24 Rankings.pdf

Grand Bend July 23 Rankings.pdf
Grand Bend July 24 Rankings.pdf
Cobourg July 24 Rankings.pdf

July 16 & 17
Cobourg July 16 Rankings.pdf
Cobourg July 17 Rankings.pdf
Cobourg Adult July 16 Rankings.pdf
North Bay July 16 Rankings.pdf
North Bay July 17 Rankings.pdf

Brampton July 17 Rankings.pdf
Port Stanley July 16 Rankings.pdf
Port Stanley July 17 Rankings.pdf
Beach Blast July 16 Rankings.pdf
Beach Blast July 17 Rankings.pdf
Innisfil July 16 Rankings.pdf
Innisfil July 17 Rankings.pdf
Hamilton July 16 Rankings.pdf
Hamilton July 17 Rankings.pdf

July 9-10
Cobourg July 9 Adult Rankings.pdf
Cobourg July 9 Rankings.pdf
Cobourg July 10 Rankings.pdf
Hamilton July 10 Rankings.pdf

Cambridge July 9 Rankings.pdf
North Bay July 9 Rankings.pdf
Cambridge July 10 Rankings.pdf
North Bay July 10 Rankings.pdf
Beach Blast July 10 Rankings.pdf

July 2-3
Hamilton July 2 Rankings.pdf
Hamilton July 3 Rankings.pdf
Windsor July 2 Rankings.pdf

Beach Blast July 2 Rankings.pdf
Beach Blast July 3 Rankings.pdf
Kitchener July 2 Rankings.pdf
Kitchener July 3 Rankings.pdf

June 25-26

Men's GS Schedule.pdf
Women's GS Schedule.pdf
Youth Open Male Grand Slam Schedule.pdf
Youth Open Female Grand Slam Schedule.pdf
Ashbridges June 25 Rankings Men's AA.pdf

Ashbridges June 25 Rankings.pdf
Ashbridges June 26 Rankings.pdf

Oakville June 25 Rankings.pdf
Stratford June 25 Rankings.pdf

June 18-19
Ottawa June 18 Rankings.pdf
North Bay June 18th Rankings.pdf
North Bay June 19th Rankings.pdf

Beach Blast June 18 Rankings.pdf
Cambridge June 18 Rankings.pdf
Innisfil June 18 Rankings.pdf
Oakville June 18 Rankings.pdf
Beach Blast June 19 Rankings.pdf
Brampton June 19th.pdf
Cambridge June 19 Rankings.pdf

June 11-12
Adult Cobourg June 11th Rankings.pdf

Cobourg June 11.pdf
Cobourg June 12 Rankings.pdf

Beach Blast June 11.pdf
Beach Blast June 12.pdf
Port Stanley June 11th Rankings.pdf
Port Stanley June 12th Rankings.pdf
North Bay June 11th Rankings.pdf
North Bay June 12th Rankings.pdf
Ottawa June 11 Rankings.pdf
Ottawa June 12 Rankings.pdf
Oakville June 11 Rankings.pdf
Hamilton June 11 Rankings.pdf

June 4-5
Adult June 4th Rankings.pdf
June 4th Ashbridges Rankings.pdf June 4 Court Map.pdf
Ashbridges June 5 Rankings.pdf June 5 Court Map.pdf
June 5th Ashbridges Rankings - YOUTH OPEN.pdf

Grand Bend June 4 Rankings.pdf
Kitchener June 4 Rankings.pdf
Kitchener June 5 Rankings.pdf

May 28-29
USAV High Performance Championships - Qualifier Rankings.pdf
May 28th Ashbridges Rankings.pdf
Adult May 28th Rankings.pdf
May 29th Ashbridges Rankings.pdf
May 28th Cambridge Rankings.pdf
May 29th Cambridge Rankings.pdf

May 21-22
May 21st Ashbridges Ranking
Adult May 21st Rankings.pdf
May 22nd Ashbridges Ranking.pdf

May 15th, 2016
May 15th Beach Blast Ranking

For any clarification on seeding or rankings, please refer to the 2016 Player's Handbook.

All seeding posted on the OVA website prior to the tournament are tentative seedings that the OVA reserves the right to change without notice prior to the tournament