Club Resources

The OVA has compiled key resources to assist clubs and club administrators throughout the club season.

The resources are grouped into three different categories:

  • Getting Started, Registration Forms & Guides;
  • Competitions Information, Calendar, & Youth Competitions Manual; and
  • Risk Management

Getting Started, Registration Forms & Guides

Registration - 2017/18

Instructions for Individual Registration From

Please sign and return the Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement & Terms and Conditions to your Club along with the Registration Form. 

OVA Police Screening Policy

How to Register Guides: Step-by-step manuals to assist with NRS registration

*Important for Indoor Players upgrading to add the Beach Player role.

Competitions Information & Manuals

Hosting an Event

Incident Report


Uniform Logo Policy

Risk Management Resources

Social Media

This helpful document offers suggestions for Do's & Dont's and uses real metrics and examples from the OVA's accounts to use as guidelines for Club accounts. These are only guidelines that the OVA uses and are not requirements for our Clubs.