Coach to Parent Communications Tools

Attention Coaches: A new OVA club season is about to start! Are you ready? 

Tryouts are just around the corner and the OVA club season will be underway in no time. Inevitably during this busy and stressful time, conflict between parents and coaches will arise. Now is the best time to prevent those conflicts with clear and effective communication. To avoid the potential of miscommunication leading to disappointment, it is crucial to clearly define expectations for the season BEFORE it starts. 

In order to make this step easier, we have created tools to help coaches communicate expectations, rules and schedules. If you are not in the habit of giving information to the parents of your athletes early in the season, these tools could save you a lot of headaches:

Pre-Tryout Information Template
This tool will help you communicate basic information about your team for the coming year so parents and athletes can make educated decisions about what offer to accept. 

Pre-Season Information Template (adapted to the age group you coach)
This template will help you structure all the information you need to share with the parents of your athletes before the season starts so everyone is on the same page. Select the template that applies to the age group you coach:

Parent Information Template - 12&13U
Parent Information Template - 14U
Parent Information Template - 15U
Parent Information Template - 16U Boys
Parent Information Template - 16U Girls
Parent Information Template - 17&18U

There are other ways to communicate with the parents of your athletes, you just have to find the one that works best for you. The OVA is proud to feature the best practices used by Ontario clubs. Here is how the Halton Regional Volleyball Club tackles this issue right from the get go:

“We set expectations early and communicate often with parents. Parents want to be included and are often valuable resources if you embrace their involvement. Every year, we post season details at tryouts and hold a mandatory pre-season "Welcome Meeting" once teams are selected. All club information is delivered in a formal meeting, including the athlete’s pathway through the club and details about club wide events, both social and technical. After the general meeting, we then do team breakout sessions where coaches hand out their own philosophies, rules, schedules and expectations. Our website posts training, competition schedules and we use TEAM SNAP to communicate with club/teams directly and often throughout the season.” – Julie Roscoe, President of HRVC

Don’t wait, start planning your communication strategy right now and have a successful club volleyball season 2017-18!