Beach Fulltime Training Groups

In an effort to promote the identification and development of the next generation of world-class beach volleyball players, the Ontario Fulltime Training Groups were established to help support Ontario athletes and help them achieve international prominence.                                                            

The main objective of the Ontario Fulltime Training Groups is to prepare and/or introduce athletes to high performance training in a fulltime training environment. Athletes training with a fulltime training group are also provided the support of an integrated support team through monitored sport science services. The Ontario Fulltime Training Groups are the result of a partnership between the Ontario Volleyball Association, Canadian Sport Institute - Ontario, and Volleyball Canada.

Athletes training in an Ontario Fulltime Training Group have access to year round training and full access to sport science services, including:

  • Mental performance training
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Physiotherapy
  • many other support services

There are three training groups, and 8 – 12 athletes are identified for each group.

Also integrated into the Fulltime Training Groups is the Tall Maples program. Please click the following to get more information about this program:

For more information please contact Beach Development Coach Angie Shen