18/17U Beach Provincial Team

The 18U Provincial Team is a high performance program designed as a stepping stone to National Team programs.

The main objective of the program is to introduce athletes to a high performance-training environment. The program is a camps based program consisting of 4-5 camps that will run throughout the summer. Athletes will leave this program with direct exposure to Fulltime Training Centre training methods, as well as the various sport science and sport medicine disciplines within an integrated support team.

Eligibility: Athletes can be born 1998, 1999, and younger.

May 27-29, 2016


  • Friday: 4:00pm-9:00pm at Volleyball Canada High Performance Facility
  • Saturday: Ball Testing; 9:00am-5:00pm at Ashbridges Bay
  • Sunday: Compete in OVA Beach Tour* at Ashbridges Bay

*entry fee not included in cost of try-out, athlete needs to register by the tournament registration deadline, independent of selection camp registration. The athlete trying out is not required to play with a partner that is also trying out for the provincial team.

Registration Deadlines:
Early Registration closes May 9 Cost: $70**
Registration closes May 24 Cost: $90**

To register: https://nrs.volleyball.ca/Event/Details/5503.

Training Program:
Selected athletes are required to attend a minimum four (4) of five (5) training camps, as well as compete in six (6) OVA Beach Tour tournaments, minimum of one (1) Beach Provincials, and Beach Nationals.

(Travel & tournament entry fees are the responsibility of the athlete.)

Camps: (Dates TBC)

  • June 17-19 - Camp #1 Toronto
  • July  1-3 - Camp #2 North Bay
  • July 20-22 - Camp #3 Toronto
  • August 3-4 - Camp #4 Toronto
  • August 16-18 – Camp #5 Toronto

Key Competitions:

  • June 25-26 – Youth Grand Slam in Toronto
  • July 30-31 - Youth Open Provincial Championships
  • August 6-7 - 18U Provincial Championships
  • August 19-21 - National Championships in Toronto


  • Training as a part of the fulltime training group
  • Accommodations during camps (eligible to athletes living +75km away from camp location)
  • Coaching support during OVA competitions, Provincials & Beach Nationals
  • Presentations & activities (TBC): Nutrition & Hydration monitoring, Mental Performance Training, Injury Prevention, Yoga, Strength & Conditioning
  • Provincial Team Clothing

Program Cost: $1300 - To be paid before first camp (June 6).

  • Provincial Team athlete: $1300 + HST
  • Quest for Gold carded athletes: $1800 + HST
    (includes fulltime training centre option)

Athletes are not required to tryout with a partner as athletes are identified on an individual basis. However, while the identification for the 18U Beach Provincial team is individual, athletes’ appropriateness in choice of partner and preparedness to being able to secure a partner for the full season will be taken into consideration. Selection of athletes will include the consideration of training group appropriateness (i.e. the appropriate number of blockers and defenders.)

Note that athletes in already existing teams are not guaranteed to make the team or the training group together.  Provincial team coaches will assist those athletes who are selected for the team and guide them on selecting a partner and securing one for the season.

Any questions around provincial team be directed to Senior Beach Development Coach, Angie Shen ashen@ontariovolleyball.org.


Ontario Fulltime Training Group Option

Provincial Team athletes can choose the option to train daily with the Ontario Fulltime Training Group. Athletes who typically choose this option are athletes who are interested in being exposed to the training and preparation needed for current and future U17, U19 World Championship objectives. 8-12 athletes will be identified for the Ontario Fulltime Training Group. The Ontario Fulltime Training Group is the result of a partnership between the Ontario Volleyball Association, Canadian Sport Institute - Ontario, and Volleyball Canada to create a world-class beach volleyball program. Athletes who do not make the provincial team program may still be identified to train within the Fulltime Training Group.

Ontario BANTAM & JUNIOR Fulltime Training Group Program:

  • June 7 - August 21, 2016
  • Regular weekly training with the Fulltime Training Group at Ashbridges Bay 3-4 days per week

June sessions will be in the evenings
. July & August sessions will move to a morning start.

  • Weekly Yoga
  • Lead Strength & Conditioning program 2 days per week
  • Mental Performance Sessions & Nutrition Sessions
  • Athletes are guided by coaches to create personalized training and competition plans
  • Athletes who choose this option are required to commit to all regular training sessions and compete regularly in the OVA tour, both Provincial weekends, and Nationals

Ontario Fulltime Training Group Program Cost: To be paid before the start of training on June 6.  

  • Provincial Team athlete: $500 + HST (additional to Provincial Team fee)
  • Non-Provincial Team athlete: $1800 + HST

Any further questions can be directed to Senior Beach Development Coach, Angie Shen ashen@ontariovolleyball.org.