Indoor Youth Competitions - Tryouts

The tryout process can be nerve-racking part as athletes and parents are faced with the difficult decision of finding the club that will provide them with the best volleyball experience.

The following questions are all designed to help educate families:  

  • What is the club's philosophy?
  • What is the coach’s philosophy?
  • Where and how often will the team train?
  • Which tournaments will the team compete in?
  • What are the registration fees?
  • What is included in the registration fees?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • What is the clubs refund policy?
  • What is the coach’s level of certification?
  • Have the coaches completed their police records check and vulnerable sector screening?

Once all the information is gathered each individual can make an informed decision.

To further improve the tryout process, a Tryout Window has been adopted for following reasons:

  • To alleviate stresses on clubs, athletes and families.
  • To provide all clubs with an equal opportunity to select players.
  • To provide families with an opportunity to gather information and explore options.
  • To provide time for families to make an informed decision.
  • 70% of the membership surveyed felt that a Tryout Window was “extremely necessary”.
  • To define the season of play for indoor club volleyball.