Police Checks FAQ

What are the steps for Clubs to screen their coaches?

  1. Club Coaches can visit their local Police Department website for information on what paperwork and procedures have to be completed.
  2. The designated Club Contact will receive and review their Club Coaches PRCs & VSSs or Declaration on a yearly basis.
  3. The Club Contact will email the OVA a list of all of their coaches that have completed the Screening Process - Club Coaches are not to send their PRC or VSS directly to the OVA.

I am a teacher and sign a declaration each year for my school board, do I still need to get a police record check done?

Yes! Teachers are only required to get one police check done at the start of their teaching careers; they then sign offence declarations every year thereafter.  Under OVA policy a police check must include a Vulnerable Sector Screening and is only valid for 3 years. Any teacher who has taught for more than three years must get a new police check completed in order to coach/officiate with us.  

We also require new police checks be completed for police officers, military personnel and government employees who have not had a check done in 3 years.  

I had a police check and Vulnerable Sector Screening completed for another organization, will OVA accept this check?

If your check was completed within the past 3 years we will accept a copy at the OVA office to review.  If it meets our requirements, no new check will need to be completed until 3 years from the date the last check was done.

Where should I send my completed PRC and VSS?

Officials & Volunteers - All Officials, Provincial Team and High Performance Centre Coaches and Volunteer Board & Committee Members must submit a copy of their original PRC and VSS check to the OVA office, c/o Kelvin Cheng at  kcheng@ontariovolleyball.org or via fax to 416-426-7109.

Club Coaches - Please submit a copy of your original PRC and VSS to your designated Club Contact person who will then forward a list of all coaches who have completed their PRC and VSSs to the OVA office.

What happens if there is a positive result on a PRC or VSS?

If there is a positive result, the OVA Club Contact is to blank out the person's name and forward the PRC/VSS to the OVA Executive Director. At this time, the Executive Director will forward the positive PRC/VSS to the Screening Committee for review. The Screening Committee will make a decision based on the offence and OVA Screening policy to see if the Coach is allowed to volunteer within the OVA. This decision will be then returned to the Executive Director and Club Contact.