17U Boys McGregor Cup

Saturday, February 3, 2018
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17U Boys
Indoor or Beach: 
Indoor Volleyball

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17UB - Premier - Full Results

1 - Storm Riptide
2 - Impact 17U
3 - Pakmen 17U
4 - Galaxy Ghosts 17U
5 - N. Rapids Legend 17U
5 - Geant de St. Jean
7 - Maverick Rangers
7 - MAC 17U
9 - SVC Cobras 17U


Championship A

17UB - Championship A - Full Results

1 - LVC 17U Heat
2 - Pakmen 16U
3 - LVC 16U Heat
4 - FCVC 16U Green
5 - FCVC 17U Green
5 - Jr Gryphons 17U
7 - Smash 17U
7 - Niagara Rapids Legend 16U
9 - Tigers Black 17U


Championship B


Championship C

17UB - Championship C - Full Results

1 - Ottawa Fusion 16U
2 - Durham Attack
3 - Storm Voltage
4 - Venom Mambas
5 - Voyageurs
5 - REACH Havoc
7 - KVC
7 - Markham Unity West
9 - M. Revolution
10 - Pegasus


17U Boys McGregor Cup - Premier

Brock University
Participating Teams: 

Impact 17U Boys
Storm RipTide
Geant de St-Jean
Pakmen 17U
Niagara Rapids 17u Legend Male
Galaxy Ghosts 17U
17U SVC Cobras
Maverick Rangers

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17U Boys McGregor Cup - Championship A

LVC Fire
Participating Teams: 

LVC Fire 17U Heat
Smash 17U
FCVC Boys 17U - Green
LVC Fire 16U Heat
Pakmen 16U
FCVC Boys 16U - Green
Jr. Gryphons BU17
Tigers 17U Black
Niagara Rapids 16u Legend Male

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Tables will be available in the school foyer. Please leave all wet footwear outside of the gym as the floors have just been refinished. Pool A & B will be in the large gym and Pool C will be in the smaller gym

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17U Boys McGregor Cup - Championship B **TOURNAMENT CANCELLED**

KW Predators

Due to the loss of permit we do not have access to the school.  This tournament has been cancelled. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

17U Boys McGregor Cup - Championship C

Participating Teams: 

Durham Attack U17 Boys
Pegasus U17 Boys
Venom Black Mambas 17u
Ottawa Fusion 16UB
Storm Voltage
Markham Revolution 17U REVS
Markham Unity West

1 No electrical appliances including crock pots
2 No playing outside the gym area
3 There is limited seating in the gym. Bring your own gym friendly chairs. 
4 Doors will be open at 8:30 am
5 Outside shoes are not allowed in the gym
6 No Food and Drinks in the Gym or Outside the Cafeteria area
7 Please bring indoor shoes for anyone entering the gym.  (Parents, coaches are included)
8 For items Lost please contact us at mike@outtahand.com

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