16U Girls McGregor Cup

Saturday, February 17, 2018
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16U Girls
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Indoor Volleyball

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16U Girls McGregor Cup - Premier

Participating Teams: 

FCVC Girls 16U - Green
Smash Purple 16U
Vision Volleyball 16UG
16UG Scorpions Fusion
Niagara Rapids 16u Legend Female
Storm Avalanche
Durham Attack U16 Black

- ABSOLUTELY NO POTLUCK LUNCHES (i.e. no outside bulk food items such as cases of Gatorade, fruit or vegetable trays and sandwich/wrap trays)

- No Crockpots

- Athletes are able to bring their own individual lunches 

- There is a Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza and Pool Side Restaurant on site. 

- If you are interested in pre-ordering on sight catering from the above food options, please contact acarpino@tpasc.ca

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor CUp - Select A

Oakville Thunder
Participating Teams: 

Chatham Ballhawks Girls 16U
Smash White 16U
Impact 15U
Oakville Thunder 16U Girls Blue
E381 16U KIKI
Impact 16U Red
MVC 16U Black
Preds 16U Girls Invasion
South County 16U Teal Bandits

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Select B

Need a Host
Participating Teams: 

Leaside Lightning 16U
Markham Revolution MERGE
Maverick Gamblers
Maverick Wildcards
Barrie Elites 16U Black
Scarborough Titans Elevation
Storm ICE
Storm Monsoon
Etobicoke Titans 16U Promethius

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship A

Hamilton Smash
Participating Teams: 

FCVC Girls 15U - Green
LVC Fire 16U Red
Woodstock Warriors 15U
16U SVC Stingers
FCVC Girls 16U - Blue
LVC Fire 16U Black
SKY Volley 15U Girls
Tigers 16U Black
Smash Teal 16U

1. No electrical appliances.
2. No ball playing outside of gymnasiums.
3. No pets.
4. NO Concession stand available.
5. Use the parking lot at the back of the school (south side) and go through the doors closest to football field to enter the facility.  Overflow parking will be at the front of the school.  Once inside, follow signage to high school gyms.  
6. Cars parked illegally will be tagged and/or towed.

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship B

Participating Teams: 

Defensa 15U Purple
Scarborough Titans Eclipse
Raiders 16U
Wildcats 16UG Tigers
Pakmen 15u Girls
Niagara rapids 16u Summit
16U Evolution
E381 Sasha
Etobicoke Titans 16U Rhea

1 No electrical appliances including crock pots
2 No playing outside the gym area
3 There is limited seating in the gym. Bring your own gym friendly chairs. 
4 Doors will be open at 8:30 am
5 Outside shoes are not allowed in the gym
6 No Food and Drinks in the Gym or Outside the Cafeteria area
7 Please bring indoor shoes for anyone entering the gym.  (Parents, coaches are included)
8 For items Lost please contact us at mike@outtahand.com

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship C

West Nipissing Wild
Participating Teams: 

Ottawa Valley Vikings 16U
Georgian Cubs
Northern Chill 16U
Lakers 16U
Galaxy Jets 16U
Phoenix Blaze
Toronto West 16U Girls
Suns 16U Eclipse
West Nipissing Wild 16UG

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship D

Durham Attack
Participating Teams: 

(9) v1.1
Durham Attack U15 Black Hydra
Ottawa Fusion 16UG
Cornwall Vikings Valkyrie
Thundercats 16U
Maverick Ambush
Maverick Blackjacks
Pegasus U16Girls
Durham Attack U16 Red

- Teams are welcome to bring food

- NO CROCK POTS or any other plug in allowed

- No playing outside of the gyms is allowed

- Please respect the "OUT OF BOUNDS" signs around certain areas of the facility 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium A

London Sharks
Participating Teams: 

15UG Great Whites
16U Norfolk County Chaos
16UG Hammerheads
Brant 16UG
Tigers 16U White
U16 Girls Thunder Twin Bridges Sarnia
15UG Hammerheads
Chatham Ballhawks Girls 15U - Blue
15U Tiger Sharks
15U SVC Stingers
16UG Scorpions Reign

  1. No electrical appliances such as crock pots allowed at Supreme Courts
  2. London Sharks will be providing scorekeepers and lines persons
Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium B

Milton Edge
Participating Teams: 

Ancaster Lions - 16UG
Niagara Fury 16U
Jr. Gryphons Red GU16
Milton Edge 16U
Tigers 15U Black
Jr. Gryphons Black GU16
Niagara Rapids 16u Surge
15U Scorpions Venom
Raiders 15U

1. Please note the 8:30 start time
2. NO wet shoes/boots in GYMS - indoor footwear only
3. NO ball playing outside of the gyms
4. Do not bring/use plug in appliances anywhere in the schools, including the MDHS cafeteria
5. Teams will be responsible for lining and scoring their own games

For EC Drury (courts 1 and 2):

1. There is no access to a cafeteria at this venue, although there is an area for teams to set up their own tables. Teams are asked to bring no more than 2 tables.

2. Please enter through the North Door

3. Doors will be open by 7:45am

For Milton District High School (court 3):
1. The cafeteria at this venue will be available.
2. Please enter through Door #1 (main entrance)
3. Doors will open by 8:00am.

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium C

Georgian Cubs
Participating Teams: 

(9) v1.1
Grimsby Vipers
Georgian Cubs Red
Niagara Rapids 16u Rival
Jr. Gryphons Black GU15
Waves 16u
MVC 15U Black
Tigers 16U Red
Impact 16U Black

- No electrical appliances allowed

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium D

Orillia Suns
Participating Teams: 

acts Elites 16U Girls
Barrie Elites 16U Blue
Collingwood Black Diamonds 16U
E381 Nata
Suns 16U Chaos
Vision Volleyball 15UG
West Nipissing Wild 15UG
Galaxy Meteors 16U
Riptide Rage U16

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium E

Georgian Cubs
Participating Teams: 

(9) v1.1
Selects 16U
Georgian Cubs 15U
EVP Eagles 16u
Scarborough Titans Spectrum 15U
Etobicoke Titans 16U Theia
Markham Unity West
Defensa 15U White
Oakville Thunder 15U Girls Blue
Grimsby Vipers 15U

- No electrical appliances allowed

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium F

Venom VC
Participating Teams: 

(9) v1.1
Markham Revolution FORCE
REACH Affinity
Thundercats 15U Black
Wildcat Tigers 15U
Markham Unity South
Thundercats 15U Girls Gold
Markham Unity East
Venom Cobras 15u
Venom Vipers 15u

Contact Email: 

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium G

Peterborough Thunder
Participating Teams: 

(9) v1.1
Durham Attack U15 Kitanas
Kawartha Krushers 16U
Scarborough Synergy ICE
16U Rise Evolution
U16 Girls Ptbo Thunder Black
U16 Girls Ptbo Thunder Red
Markham Revolution FUSION
Durham Attack U15 Supreme

16U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium H

Clarington Grizzlies
Participating Teams: 

EOVC Airforce
Kingston VC 16U Girls
Maverick Aces
Ottawa Valley Vikings 15U
Titanium Green
Ottawa Fusion 15UG (JANICE)
Ottawa Fusion 15UG (JAY)
Clarington Grizzlies 15U Destroyers
Clarington Grizzlies 15U Rage
Clarington Grizzlies 16U
Maverick Scouts
NBVC 15U Black

Courts 1 and 2 (Pools A and B) will be played at Cobourg CC
Courts 3 and 4 (Pools C and D) will be played at St. Mary CSS

The cafeteria will be open at St. Mary for teams playing pool games there.
Lunch rooms will be available at Cobourg Community Centre for teams playing pool games there.
No electrical appliances.
Food and drink are not allowed in gymnasiums (except for players).
No playing with volleyballs outside of gymnasiums.