16U Boys Bugarski Cup

Saturday, March 24, 2018
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16U Boys
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Indoor Volleyball

16U Boys Bugarski Cup

Waterloo Tigers

- No volleyball or warming up anywhere other than the gym

- No electrical appliances

16U Boys Bugarski Cup


1 No electrical appliances including crock pots
2 No playing outside the gym area
3 There is limited seating in the gym. Bring your own gym friendly chairs. 
4 Doors will be open at 8:30 am
5 Outside shoes are not allowed in the gym
6 No Food and Drinks in the Gym or Outside the Cafeteria area
7 Please bring indoor shoes for anyone entering the gym.  (Parents, coaches are included)
8 For items Lost please contact us at mike@outtahand.com

Contact Email: 

16U Boys Bugarski Cup

Durham Attack

- Teams are welcome to bring food

- NO CROCK POTS or any other plug in allowed

- No playing outside of the gyms is allowed

- Please respect the "OUT OF BOUNDS" signs around certain areas of the facility