15U Girls Provincial Cup

Saturday, November 11, 2017
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15U Girls
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Indoor Volleyball

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Select A

15UG - Select A - Full Results

1 Niagara Rapids Legend
2 Pakmen 
3 Halton Hurricanes Black 
4 Georgetown Impact 
5 Forest City Green
5 Niagara Rapids Summit
7 Defensa Purple
7 Woodstock Warriors
9 South County Teal


Select B

15UG - Select B - Full Results

1 Markham Revolution Merge
2 Scarborough Synergy
3 Storm Monsoon
4 Maverick Ambush
5 Durham Attack Black Hydra
5 Scarborough Titans Eclipse
7 Etobicoke Titans Rhea
7 Storm Twister
9 Scarborough Titans Fusion 14U


Championship A

15UG - Championship A - Full Results

1 SKY Volley
2 London Sharks Great Whites
3 Halton Hurricanes Black 14U
4 Chatham Ballhawks Blue
5 Hamilton Smash Teal 
5 Oakville Thunder Blue
7 MVC Black
7 South County Teal 14U
9 Sarnia Thunder Twin Bridges


Championship B

15UG - Championship B - Full Results

1 KW Predators Synergy 14U
2 KW Predators Ignite
3 Defensa White
4 Scorpions Green
5 E381 Sasha
5 Etobicoke Titans Cronus 14U
7 Scorpions Venom
7 Stratford Stingers
9 Niagara Rapids Rival


Championship C

15UG - Championship C - Full Results

1 Markham Revolution Fusion
2 Venom Vipers 
3 Georgian Cubs Black
4 Thundercats Black
5 E381 Alisa
5 Storm Hurricanes 14U
7 Markham Unity West
7 Venom Cobras 
9 West Nipissing Wild


Championship D

15UG - Championship D - Full Results

1 Leaside Lightning 
2 Durham Attack Blackout 14U
3 Maverick Stampede
4 Markham Wildcats Tigers
5 Durham Attack Supreme
5 Ottawa Fusion Janice
7 Durham Attack Kitanis
7 Phoenix Burn
9 Scarborough Titans Spectrum


Trillium A

15UG - Trillium A - Full Results

Forest City Blue
South County Black
London Sharks Tigers Sharks
LVC Fire White
LVC Fire Black
LVC Fire Red
London Sharks Hammerheads
LVC Fire Black 14U
Forest City White
LVC Fire Red 14U
Chatham Ballhawks White
St. Thomas Express


Trillium B

15UG - Trillium B - Full Results

1 Milton Edge 
2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black 
3 Simcoe Xtreme Gold
4 Defensa Purple 14U
5 KW Predators Black
5 Waterloo Tigers Black
7 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red
7 Simcoe Xtreme Blue
9 Waterloo Tigers Red


Trillium C

15UG - Trillium C - Full Results

1 MVC Black 14U
2 Waterdown Raiders 
3 Hamilton Smash Purple 
4 Grimsby Vipers
5 Niagara Rapids Legend 14U
5 Niagara Rapids Summit 14U
7 Ancaster Lions 
7 Brant Orange
9 Defensa White 14U
9 Niagara Rapids Surge
11 Brant Blue
11 EVP Eagles Red


Trillium D

15UG - Trillium D - Full Results

1 Evolution 1 14U
2 Leaside Lightning 14U
3 Phoenix Legacy 14U
4 Georgetown Impact Black 14U
5 Etobicoke Titans Theia
5 EVP Eagles Black
7 E381 Lana
7 Galaxy Flares 
9 Etobicoke Titans Helios 14U
9 Galaxy Asteroids 
11 ACTS Elites 
11 Peel Selects 


Trillium E

15UG - Trillium E - Full Results

1 Barrie Elites Black 14U
2 Toronto West 
3 Markham Unity East
4 REACH Aspire 14U
5 Barrie Elites Blue
5 Thundercats Gold
7 Evolution ICE 14U
9 Galaxy Guardians


Trillium F

15UG - Trillium F - Full Results

1 Vision Volleyball 
2 Kawartha Krushers Vets
3 Barrie Elites Black
4 Storm Cyclones 14U
5 North Bay Lakers 
5 Northern Chill 
7 Georgian Bay Vista
7 Georgian Cubs Red
9 Barrie Elites Blue 14U
9 Orillia Suns Apex
11 Georgina Riptide Rage 
11 Kawartha Krushers Heat


Trillium G

15UG - Trillium G - Full Results

1 Northumberland Breakers Black
2 Clarington Grizzlies Destroyers
3 Pegasus
4 Northumberland Breakers Blue
5 Durham Attack Red Devils 14U
5 Ottawa Valley Vikings
7 Kingston VC 
7 Peterborough Thunder
9 Clarington Grizzlies Rage


Trillium H

15UG - Trillium H - Full Results

1 Maverick Outlaws 14U
2 Noir et Or
3 Pumas
4 Maverick Trailblazers
5 Maverick Raiders 14U
6 Titanium White
7 Cornwall Vikings Bellatrix
7 Ottawa Fusion Jay



15U Girls Provincial Cup - Select A - 9 Team

Waterloo Tigers
Participating Teams: 

Defensa Purple
Forest City Green
Georgetown Impact
Halton Hurricanes Black
Niagara Rapids Legend
Niagara Rapids Summit
South County Teal
Woodstock Warriors

- No volleying or warming up anywhere other than in the gym.

- No electrical appliances.

- Host will provide all liners and scorekeepers 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Select B - 9 Team

Durham Attack
Participating Teams: 

Durham Attack Black Hydra
Etobicoke Titans Rhea
Markham Revolution Merge
Maverick Ambush
Scarborough Synergy
Scarborough Titans Eclipse
Scarborough Titans Fusion 14U
Storm Monsoon
Storm Twister

- Teams are welcome to bring food

- No plug-ins are allowed

- No playing outside of the gyms is allowed

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Championship A - 9 Team

South County VBC
Participating Teams: 

Chatham Ballhawks Blue
Halton Hurricanes Black 14U
Hamilton Smash Teal
London Sharks Great Whites
MVC Black
Oakville Thunder Blue
Sarnia Thunder Twin Bridges
SKY Volley
South County Teal 14U

- Spectators are asked to bring their own chairs to the gym.
- Seating will be provided to the scorekeepers and participating teams only.
- Cafeteria is available with tables for all teams.
- Please do not bring crockpots or other appliances.
- Microwaves are available for use in the cafeteria.

If Hotel is required, please contact:
Michael Neufeld - Director of Sales & Marketing
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Windsor
1840 Huron Church Road
Windsor, ON N9C 2L5
519.967.2003 direct | 519.972.0404 fax
michael.neufeld@hilton.com | www.windsorsuites.hamptoninn.com

Contact Email: 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Championship B - 9 Team

Stratford Stingers
Participating Teams: 

Defensa Black
E381 Sasha
Etobicoke Titans Cronus 14U
KW Predators Ignite
KW Predators Synergy 14U
Niagara Rapids Rival
Scorpions Green
Scorpions Venom
Stratford Stingers

Contact Email: 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Championship C - 9 Team

Georgian Cubs
Participating Teams: 

E381 Alisa
Georgian Cubs
Markham Revolution Fusion
Markham Unity West
Storm Hurricanes 14U
Thundercats Black
Venom Cobras
Venom Vipers
West Nipissing Wild

Contact Email: 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Championship D - 9 Team

Ottawa Fusion
Participating Teams: 

Durham Attack Blackout 14U
Durham Attack Red
Durham Attack White
Leaside Lightning
Markham Wildcats Tigers
Maverick Stampede
Ottawa Fusion Janice
Phoenix Burn
Scarborough Titans

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium A - 12 Team

London Sharks
Participating Teams: 

Chatham Ballhawks White
Forest City Blue
Forest City White
London Sharks Hammerheads
London Sharks Tigers Sharks
LVC Fire Black
LVC Fire Black 14U
LVC Fire Red
LVC Fire Red 14U
LVC Fire White
South County Black
St. Thomas Express

  1. No electrical appliances allowed at Supreme Courts
  2. London Sharks will be providing scorekeepers and linespersons
  3. London Sharks teams will be selling pizza, baked goods, and beverages as fundraising for the teams
Contact Email: 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium B - 9 Team

Waterloo Tigers
Participating Teams: 

Defensa Purple 14U
Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black
Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red
KW Predators Black
Milton Edge
Simcoe Xtreme Blue
Simcoe Xtreme Gold
Waterloo Tigers Black
Waterloo Tigers Red

- No volleying or warming up anywhere other than in the gym.

- No electrical appliances.

- Host will provide all liners and scorekeepers 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium C - 12 Team

Brock University
Participating Teams: 

Ancaster Lions
Brant Blue
Brant Orange
Defensa Black 14U
EVP Eagles Red
Grimsby Vipers
Hamilton Smash Purple
MVC Black 14U
Niagara Rapids Legend 14U
Niagara Rapids Summit 14U
Niagara Rapids Surge
Waterdown Raiders

Contact Email: 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium D - 12 Team

Peel Selects
Participating Teams: 

ACTS Elites
E381 Lana
Etobicoke Titans Helios 14U
Etobicoke Titans Theia
Evolution 1 14U
EVP Eagles Black
Galaxy Asteroids
Galaxy Flares
Georgetown Impact Black 14U
Leaside Lightning 14U
Peel Selects
Phoenix Legacy 14U

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium E - 9 Team

Participating Teams: 

Barrie Elites Black 14U
Barrie Elites Blue
Evolution 2 14U
Galaxy Guardians
Markham Unity East
REACH Aspire 14U
Thundercats Gold
Toronto West

- There will be a 50/50 draw and a concession stand

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium F - 12 Team

Kawartha Krushers
Participating Teams: 

Barrie Elites Black
Barrie Elites Blue 14U
Georgian Bay Vista
Georgian Cubs Red
Georgina Riptide Rage
Kawartha Krushers Heat
Kawartha Krushers Vets
North Bay Lakers
Northern Chill
Orillia Suns Apex
Storm Cyclones 14U
Vision Volleyball

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium G - 9 Team

Northumberland Breakers
Participating Teams: 

Clarington Grizzlies Destroyers
Clarington Grizzlies Rage
Durham Attack Red Devils 14U
Kingston VC
Northumberland Breakers Black
Northumberland Breakers Blue
Ottawa Valley Vikings
Peterborough Thunder

Contact Email: 

15U Girls Provincial Cup - Trillium H - 8 Team

Ottawa Mavericks
Participating Teams: 

Cornwall Vikings Bellatrix
Maverick Outlaws 14U
Maverick Raiders 14U
Maverick Trailblazers
Noir et Or
Ottawa Fusion Jay
Titanium White

**Schedule Change** This event will now be an 8 team tournament 

Contact Email: