14U Boys Bugarski Cup

Saturday, February 24, 2018
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14U Boys
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Indoor Volleyball

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14UB - Premier - Full Results

1 Pakmen Gold
2 Markham Unity South
3 Barrie Elites 
4 Milton Razors Edge 
5 KW Predators Ubuntu
5 Thundercats Legacy
7 Maverick Bandits
7 Forest City Green
9 Pakmen Black
9 London Sharks Great Whites
11 Leaside Thunder 
11 Maverick Renegades


Championship A

14UB - Championship A - Full Results

1 Scorpions Stingers
2 Chatham Ballhawks 
3 KW Predators Purple 13U
4 Guelph Jr. Gryphons 
5 SKY Volley Blue
5 St. Thomas Express
7 KW Predators Black
7 LVC Fire Heat
9 Forest City Blue
9 MAC 13U
11 SKY Volley White
11 Ancaster Lions 13U


Championship B

14UB - Championship B - Full Results

1 Storm Bolts
2 Niagara Rapids Legend 
3 Markham Unity North 13U
4 Pakemen Black 13U
5 EVP Eagles
5 Oakville Thunder 13U 
7 Waves
7 Milton Edge 13U
9 Vision Volleyball


Championship C

14UB - Championship C - Full Results

1 Oakville Thunder
2 MAC 
3 Markham Revolution REVS
4 Thundercats 13U 
5 REACH Alpha 13U
5 Hamilton Smash 
7 Venom Vipers 
7 Milton Double Edge
9 Niagara Rapids Legend 13U


Championship D

14UB - Championship D - Full Results

1 Durham Attack Black
2 Northumberland Breakers
3 Ottawa Fusion 
5 Kingston VC 
5 Phoenix Eclipse
7 Kingston Cats
7 Markham Revolution REVS 13U
9 Pegasus 



14U Bugarski Cup - Premier - 12 Team

Participating Teams: 
Barrie Elites 
Forest City Green
KW Predators Ubuntu
Leaside Thunder 
London Sharks Great Whites
Markham Unity South
Maverick Bandits
Maverick Renegades
Milton Razors Edge 
Pakmen Black
Pakmen Gold
Thundercats Legacy

Host will provide lines and flip chart operators. Teams will be required to provide 1 person to fill out the score sheet. 

14U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship A - 12 Team

Chatham Ballhawks
Participating Teams: 
Ancaster Lions 13U
Chatham Ballhawks 
Forest City Blue
Guelph Jr. Gryphons 
KW Predators Black
KW Predators Purple 13U
LVC Fire Heat
Scorpions Stingers
SKY Volley
SKY Volley White
St. Thomas Express

1. No electrical appliances including crock pots
2. No playing outside the gym area.
3. No Food and Drinks in the Gym or Outside the Cafeteria area
4. Parents are to ensure not blocking emergency area parking spaces. 
5. Host will provided scorekeepers (Teams are responsible for lines) 

Contact Email: 

14U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship B - 9 Team

Participating Teams: 
EVP Eagles
Markham Unity North 13U
Milton Edge 13U
Niagara Rapids Legend 
Oakville Thunder 13U 
Pakemen Black 13U
Storm Bolts
Vision Volleyball
Contact Email: 

14U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship C - 9 Team

Participating Teams: 
Hamilton Smash 
Markham Revolution REVS
Milton Double Edge
Niagara Rapids Legend 13U
Oakville Thunder
REACH Alpha 13U
Thundercats 13U 
Venom Vipers 

14U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship D - 9 Team

Northumberland Breakers
Participating Teams: 
Durham Attack Black
Kingston Cats
Kingston VC 
Markham Revolution REVS 13U
Northumberland Breakers
Ottawa Fusion 
Phoenix Eclipse
Contact Email: