13U Girls McGregor Cup

Saturday, January 20, 2018
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13U Girls
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Indoor Volleyball

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13UG - Premier - Full Results

1 Scarborough Synergy Nitro
2 Hamilton Smash Teal 
3 Scarborough Titans Menace
4 Storm Tsunami
5 Durham Attack Black Panthers
5 Halton Hurricanes Black 
7 MVC Black
7 South County Teal
9 Hamilton Smash Purple 


Championship A

13UG - Championship A - Full Results

1 Waterloo Tigers Black
2 Scorpions
3 London Sharks Great Whites 12U
4 Niagara Rapids Legend
5 Forest City Green
5 London Sharks Great Whites
7 Forest City Blue
7 KW Predators Fusion
9 Stratford Stingers


Championship B

13UG - Championship B - Full Results

1 Leaside Lightning 
2 E381 Vizura
3 Markham Revolution Fire
4 Georgian Cubs
5 Barrie Elites Black
5 Pakmen 
7 Galaxy Infinity 
7 Halton Hurricanes Blue
9 West Nipissing Wild 


Championships C

13UG - Championship C - Full Results

1 EVP Eagles Black
2 Maverick Rattlers
3 Etobicoke Titans Phoebe
4 DRVC Scott
5 Durham Attack Hurricanes
5 Scarborough Titans United
7 Markham Unity North
7 Scarborough Titans Rogue 12U
9 Durham Attack Diggers 12U


Trillium A

13UG - Trillium A - Full Results

1 South County Black
2 Woodstock Warriors 
3 St. Thomas Express VC
4 KW Predators Ripple
5 Chatham Ballhawks White
5 SKY Volley 
7 LVC Fire Red
7 Sarnia Twin Bridges Thunder
9 LVC Fire Black


Trillium B

13UG - Trillium B - Full Results

1 Milton Iron Edge
2 Milton Platinum Edge 
3 Etobicoke Titans Crius
4 Phoenix Rise
5 Lakeside
5 Phoenix Flames
7 Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black 
7 Peel Selects
9 Galaxy Invaders 


Trillium C

13UG - Trillium C - Full Results

1 Defensa Purple
2 Oakville Thunder 
3 Grimsby Vipers
4 Halton Hurricanes Black 12U
5 Brant
5 Niagara Rapids Summit
7 EVP Eagles Red
7 MVC 12U
9 Niagara Fury 


Trillium D

13UG - Trillium D - Full Results

1 Markham Revolutoin RUSH 12U
2 Venom Vipers 
3 Markham Unity West
4 Northern Chill 
5 Markham Wildcats Tigers
5 Thundercats 
7 Barrie Elites Blue
7 Storm Surge
9 Georgian Cubs Red
9 North Bay Lakers 
11 Orillia Suns Strikers
11 Scarborough Titans Alliance 12U


Trillium E

13UG - Trillium E - Full Results

1 Durham Attack White Thunder
2 Pegasus
3 DRVC Pat
4 Ottawa Fusion
5 Maverick Sidewinders
5 Peterborough Thunder
7 Maverick Spurs 12U
7 Titanium Grey
9 Northumberland Breakers



13U Girls McGregor Cup - Premier - 9 Team

Participating Teams: 
Durham Attack Black Panthers
Halton Hurricanes Black 
Hamilton Smash Purple 
Hamilton Smash Teal 
MVC Black
Scarborough Synergy Nitro
Scarborough Titans Menace
South County Teal
Storm Tsunami
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13U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship A - 9 Team

KW Predators
Participating Teams: 
Forest City Blue
Forest City Green
KW Predators Fusion
London Sharks Great Whites
London Sharks Great Whites 12U
Niagara Rapids Legend
Stratford Stingers
Waterloo Tigers Black
Contact Email: 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship B - 9 Team

Georgian Cubs
Participating Teams: 
Barrie Elites Black
E381 Vizura
Galaxy Infinity 
Georgian Cubs
Halton Hurricanes Blue
Leaside Lightning 
Markham Revolution Fire
West Nipissing Wild 
Contact Email: 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Championship C - 9 Team

Durham Attack
Participating Teams: 
DRVC Scott
Durham Attack Diggers 12U
Durham Attack Hurricanes
Etobicoke Titans Phoebe
EVP Eagles Black
Markham Unity North
Maverick Rattlers
Scarborough Titans Rogue 12U
Scarborough Titans United

- Teams are welcome to bring food

- NO CROCK POTS or any other plug in allowed

- No playing outside of the gyms is allowed

- Please respect the "OUT OF BOUNDS" signs around certain areas of the facility 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium A - 9 Team

Chatham Ballhawks
Participating Teams: 
Chatham Ballhawks White
KW Predators Ripple
LVC Fire Black
LVC Fire Red
Sarnia Twin Bridges Thunder
SKY Volley 
South County Black
St. Thomas Express VC
Woodstock Warriors 
Contact Email: 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium B - 9 Team

Milton Edge
Participating Teams: 
Etobicoke Titans Crius
Galaxy Invaders 
Guelph Jr. Gryphons Black 
Milton Iron Edge
Milton Platinum Edge 
Peel Selects
Phoenix Flames
Phoenix Rise

1. Please enter through Door #1 (main entrance)

2. NO wet shoes in GYMS - spectators are asked to bring dry, indoor footwear

3. The cafeteria will be available for team tables

4. Do not bring/use plug in appliances anywhere in the school, including the cafeteria

5. NO ball playing outside of the gyms

6. Teams will be responsible for lining and scoring their own games

Contact Email: 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium C - 9 Team

Niagara Rapids
Participating Teams: 
Defensa Purple
EVP Eagles Red
Grimsby Vipers
Halton Hurricanes Black 12U
Niagara Fury 
Niagara Rapids Summit
Oakville Thunder 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium D - 12 Team

Participating Teams: 
Barrie Elites Blue
Georgian Cubs Red
Markham Revolutoin RUSH 12U
Markham Unity West
Markham Wildcats Tigers
North Bay Lakers 
Northern Chill 
Orillia Suns Strikers
Scarborough Titans Alliance 12U
Storm Surge
Venom Vipers 
Contact Email: 

13U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium E - 9 Team

Peterborough Thunder
Participating Teams: 
Durham Attack White Thunder
Maverick Sidewinders
Maverick Spurs 12U
Northumberland Breakers
Ottawa Fusion
Peterborough Thunder
Titanium Grey