13U Boys McGregor Cup

Saturday, February 3, 2018
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Upcoming Tournaments
13U Boys
Indoor or Beach: 
Indoor Volleyball

13U Boys McGregor Cup - Premier - 9 Teams

Participating Teams: 
Durham Attack Gogehee
KW Predators Purple
Leaside Thunder
Markham Unity North
Oakville Thunder
Pakmen Black
Pakmen Gold

- No volleying or warming up anywhere other than in the gym.

- No electrical appliances.

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13U Boys McGregor Cup - Championship A - 8 Teams

Participating Teams: 
Forest City Green
KW Predators Attack 12U
KW Predators Power 12U
KW Predators Smash 12U
London Sharks Great Whites
LVC Fire Heat
Stratford Cobras

The Conestoga Condors would like to invite you to their marquee event this year which is taking place just on the other side of the venue while the 13UB Championship A event is going on. The Condors will take part in two double header games, with the Volleyball teams playing Boreal College (Women’s @ 12pm, Men’s @ 2pm) followed by their Basketball teams facing St. Clair College (Women’s @ 5pm and Men’s @ 7pm) in the Conestoga Recreation Centre.

Please RSVP to Jenni Bauer (jbauer@conestogac.on.ca) with your team name and approximate number of attendees. 

13U Boys McGregor Cup - Championship B - 7 Teams

Niagara Rapids
Participating Teams: 
Ancaster Lions
Milton Edge
Milton Edge 12U
Niagara Rapids Legend
Oakville Thunder 12U 
Pakmen 12U

13U Boys McGregor Cup - Championship C - 8 Teams

Durham Attack
Participating Teams: 
Barrie Elites
Durham Attack Hybrid
Durham Attack Nectar
Markham Revolution REVS
Markham Wildcats Tigers
Maverick Copperheads
Maverick Lonestars 12U
Phoenix Flare

- Teams are welcome to bring food

- NO CROCK POTS or any other plug in allowed

- No playing outside of the gyms is allowed

- Please respect the "OUT OF BOUNDS" signs around certain areas of the facility