12U Girls McGregor Cup

Saturday, January 13, 2018
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12U Girls
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Indoor Volleyball

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Trillium A

12UG - Trillium A - Full Results

1 London Sharks Great Whites
2 Etobicoke Titans Selene
3 Pakmen
5 Scorpions
5 South County Teal
7 Forest City Green
7 Stratford Stingers
9 KW Predators Strive
9 London Sharks Hammerheads
11 KW Predators Falcons 11U
11 Milton Edge


Trillium B

12UG - Trillium B - Full Results

1 Hamilton Smash
2 Niagara Rapids Rival
3 Leaside Lightning Red
4 Defensa White
5 Defensa Purple
5 Phoenix Spark
7 E381 Vizura
7 Markham Unity East
9 Etobicoke Titans Hyperion 11U 
10 Galaxy Comets


Trillium C

12UG - Trillium C - Full Results

1 Storm Typhoon
2 Northern Chill
3 Barrie Elites Black
4 Vision Volleyball
5 Georgian Cubs
5 Thundercats 
7 Barrie Elites Blue
7 North Bay Lakers
9 Orillia Suns Galaxy
9 Storm Vortex 11U
11 Galaxy Flames
11 West Nipissing Wild 


Trillium D

12UG - Trillium D - Full Results

1 Markham Revolution RUSH
2 Scarborough Synergy Titanium
3 Durham Attack Diggers
4 Maverick Spurs
5 Markham Unity West
6 Leaside Lightning White



12U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium A - 12 Team

London Sharks
Participating Teams: 
Etobicoke Titans Selene
Forest City Green
KW Predators Falcons 11U
KW Predators Strive
London Sharks Great Whites
London Sharks Hammerheads
Milton Edge
South County Teal
Stratford Stingers
  1. No electrical appliances such as crock pots allowed at Supreme Courts
  2. London Sharks will be providing scorekeepers and lines persons
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12U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium B - 10 Team

Hamilton Smash
Participating Teams: 
Defensa Purple
Defensa White
E381 Vizura
Etobicoke Titans Hyperion 11U 
Galaxy Comets
Hamilton Smash
Leaside Lightning Red
Markham Unity East
Niagara Rapids Rival
Phoenix Spark


1. No electrical appliances.
2. No ball playing outside of gymnasiums.
3. No pets.
4. Use the parking lot at the front of the school and enter through the main entrance.  Once inside, follow signage to the elementary school gyms.
5. Cars parked illegally will be tagged and/or towed.

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12U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium C - 12 Team

Barrie Elites
Participating Teams: 
Barrie Elites Black
Barrie Elites Blue
Galaxy Flames
Georgian Cubs
North Bay Lakers
Northern Chill
Orillia Suns Galaxy
Storm Typhoon
Storm Vortex 11U
Vision Volleyball
West Nipissing Wild 

12U Girls McGregor Cup - Trillium D - 6 Team

Ottawa Mavericks
Participating Teams: 
Durham Attack Diggers
Leaside Lightning White
Markham Revolution RUSH
Markham Unity West
Maverick Spurs
Scarborough Synergy Titanium
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