2017 Player Feedback

2017 High Performance Identification Process Feedback 

This year marked the second time the OVA ran a province wide players’ identification process to select the players who will be part of its High Performance programs. Led by Jennifer Neilson, OVA High Performance Apprentice Coach, the Team Ontario coaches evaluated more than 650 players over 35 tournaments and 4 weekends of Ontario Championships.

All players who registered for the HPC Identification were looked at by one of our coaches in a game context. They were evaluated based on the OVA High Performance Athlete Identification Matrix, which sets standards of performance for athletes at different stages of their development.

From an evaluation point of view, this process presented many advantages compared to a traditional open try-out:

  • It allowed players to be evaluated over a full game instead of a few minutes in the middle of a selection camp
  • It allowed the coaches to see the athletes in a real game situation
  • It gave a significantly larger number of athletes the opportunity to be evaluated by a Team Ontario coach and to receive individualized feedback

Age Groups
All players have been evaluated in reference to the performance standards for their age group and this will be reflected in the feedback they receive. Athletes who exceeded the standards for their own age group were also considered for the older age group’s programs.

Registered players were evaluated at the position they were playing when they were seen by the Team Ontario coaches. All players may be considered at a different position based on the evaluation that was made. Elite players often compete at different positions throughout their whole career and they are elite players because they can excel at multiple positions.

Players who met their age group’s high performance standards will be invited to take part in the following programs:

  • 18U & 17U Team Ontario tryout (32 boys and 32 girls)
    • Invitations will be sent during the week of April 24th
    • 16U High Performance Center (40 boys and 60 girls)
      • Invitations will be sent during the week of May 1st

**Only the players who receive an invitation will be contacted

We are thrilled to provide feedback for 650 Ontario volleyball players in 2017. This year’s evaluation matrix allows us to provide each registered player with individualized feedback that will in turn allow them to plan their development and prepare for future high performance programs.

The feedback is structured in a way that will inform the athletes about the level to which they meet the OVA High Performance Athlete standards for their age group. Each athlete will know where their weaknesses and strengths are compared to the top performers at their age group.

High Performance Standards
Ontario athletes are as good as the standards we set for them. Since Ontario Volleyball strives to develop players able to compete at both the national and international level, we needed to redefine high performance volleyball in Ontario based on higher standards of skill execution.

In the past year, several Team Ontario coaches had the opportunity to visit the best youth volleyball development centers in the world, notably the Italian one in Rome and the French ones in Montpellier and Toulouse. The standards of performance of the OVA High Performance Athlete Matrix were developed with the skill level of these top age-group players in mind.

Using higher standards to evaluate the athletes is meant to help them strive for more and give them a better idea of the level they need to reach to achieve their high performance goals.

To see top 16U to 18U French volleyball players in action and their level of play, watch this short video:


 How to Understand Individual Feedback from the HP ID Process

1) Know your OVA Athlete ID #. You can find your OVA Athlete ID # on the NRS receipt you received when you registered for the evaluation.

2) Feedback is provided based on the OVA High Performance Athlete Matrix. Please find horizontally the 9 skills and the associated outcomes athletes were evaluated on. (The full matrix with defined objectives can be found HERE)

      a) Some athletes were note evaluated on certain skills based on their position. Example: a setter did not serve receive. 

3) Athletes are graded on a 3, 2, or 1 per skill objective. Please see below for the meaning of each number

       3- Athlete meets high performance standards for age group. Athlete should continue to challenge and master skill at higher levels.
       2- Athlete sometimes meets high performance standards for age group. Athlete should refine the skill and develop more consistency in execution.
       1- Athlete does not meet high performance standards for age group. Athlete should develop the skill and work on achieving the objectives associated with the outcome.

4) For physical testing results athletes are rated a 3 or a 1 in the 3 specific physical areas of Vertical Jump, Block Touch, and Spike Touch.

       3- Athlete meets top physical standards based on position and age.
       1- Athlete is below top physical standards based on position and age.

Players Individualized Feedback

If you have any questions regarding your feedback or the identification process overall please contact jneilson@ontariovolleyball.org