High Performance Identification Process

The OVA Athlete Identification Process is back in 2017 in an improved way!

This season, Team Ontario Evaluators will attend over 30 OVA tournaments from 15U to 18U as well as all weekends of Ontario Championships to identify players with the potential to participate in the following OVA Indoor and Beach High Performance programs:


Invitations for the Indoor camps will be sent during the first week of May. Only athletes with an invitation will attend the camps. There will be NO OPEN TRYOUTS for indoor programs in 2017.


Invitations for the Open Beach tryouts will be sent during the first week of May. Players don’t need to receive an invitation to tryout for the Beach programs. The objective of the invitations is to help players realize they may have abilities conducive to success on the beach.


The 2 Components of the ID Process

1.      Athlete Evaluation

Athletes will be evaluated based on the top national standards for their age category. Coaches will look at technical and tactical skills related to setting, attacking, blocking, defending, serving and passing as well as potential. View the Athlete Identification Matrix for specific skills and outcomes that will be evaluated.

2.      Physical Testing

Athletes will be physically tested at the Team Ontario Testing Station at the 2017 Ontario Championships. The tested attributes will be height, one-arm reach and spike jump. Athletes will have to find time during the weekend to come and be tested.

Individualized Feedback

As opposed to 2016, this year each athlete will receive individual feedback at the end of the ID Process. They will receive a report highlighting where they stand compared to the top national standards for their age group and indicating the areas to improve. The athletes will be able to focus their training on the identified weaknesses and share that information with the person responsible for their training.

Benefits of the ID Process

  • coaches spend more time watching each athlete play than in crowded open tryouts
  • athletes are evaluated in a real match context rather than during artificial activities
  • allows athletes who would not normally sign up for a tryout to be evaluated and identified for the future
  • each athlete gets personalized feedback from Team Ontario coaches

Age groups

For all information on age and eligibility requirements, please refer to the programs page.

**Exceptionally, younger players could be invited to an older age group camp. Players will have to specify which age group they want to be evaluated for. It will be up to the Identification Committee to decide which HPC a player will be invited for. We ask that you consider the skill level of your child when making this decision.

Register to be Evaluated

All athletes interested in participating in the OVA High Performance programs must complete the following steps:

1)      Register and pay the registration fee in NRS: REGISTER HERE

2)      Retrieve your OVA Athlete ID Number

  1. Your OVA Athlete ID Number consists of the last 6 digits of your NRS identification number.
  2. You can find your NRS identification number on the Customer Name line of your NRS receipt
  3. In the example below, the OVA Athlete ID # is 194015 (Last 6 digits)

3)      Fill out the Request for Evaluation Form and enter all the necessary information


$40 - The cost of the evaluation covers the cost of sending the Team Ontario evaluators to 30+ tournaments as well as all weekends of Ontario Championships. It also includes your individualized feedback which will help you address your weaknesses and achieve your high performance goals.


All registrations must be received before February 1st, 2017.


The evaluators include members of the OVA High Performance Team as well as coaches from the 2017 Team Ontario coaching staff:

OVA High Performance Manager - Louis-Pierre Mainville
OVA High Performance Apprentice Coach - Jennifer Neilson
OVA Beach Development Coach - Angie Shen

Canada Games Coaches Male 18U - Matt Harris, Ian Eibbitt, Nathan Janzen
Canada Games Coaches Female 18U - Richard Eddy, Larissa Byckalo, Tine Lee

17U Boys
Head Coach: James Gravelle
Asst Coach: Gerry DeGirolamo
Asst Coach: Steven Pawelcyzk 

17U Girls
Head Coach: Sean Pellow
Asst Coach: Matthew Schnarr
Asst Coach: Caitlin Genovi 

16U Boys
Head Coach: Frank St-Denis
Head Coach: Jeff Chung
Asst Coach: Steve Delaney
Asst Coach: Matthew Cheung

16U Girls
Head Coach: Lucas Hodgson
Head Coach: Jimmy El Turk
Asst Coach: Caley Venn
Asst Coach: Jennifer Neilson


We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer all the questions you may have about this new identification process. For all other questions, please email Jennifer Neilson, High Performance Apprentice Coach at jneilson@ontariovolleyball.org. Please note that if your question could have been answered by the FAQ, you will be re-directed to it.