Team Ontario Elite

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Starting in September 2017, the OVA will be offering a new type of support to Ontario high performance players through the new Team Ontario Elite program. This program will be offered to a select number of players identified with the potential to move on to a junior or senior national team program in the future.

The goal of this program is to offer support to Ontario’s top athletes and their coaches throughout the entire season as opposed to focusing all the development on players only and within a two-week program in the summer. In 2017, the launch of this new program is made possible by the support of the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative program.


In 2017, Boys Indoor Volleyball was successfully accepted into the OHPSI program, which is designed to support provincial high performance programs. OHPSI funding is to be used towards creating a sustainable support system for current and future provincial high performance athletes and coaches. The OHPSI program is offered by the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) and was created with the goal of increasing the number of Ontario athletes performing at the international stage.

For a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) to be eligible for OHPSI funding, the National Sport Organization (NSO), Volleyball Canada, must be receiving Own the Podium (OTP) funding. For Indoor Volleyball, only the Men’s National Team program receives OTP, therefore only our Boys Provincial High Performance Program could apply for the OHPSI program.

The OVA being an organization dedicated to the development of all athletes, we are going to invest in similar development opportunities for our high performance indoor female athletes through the Team Ontario Elite program.


Sport Science Monitoring

  • Male and Female athletes
  • From September 2017 to March 2018
  • Athletes will receive services and be monitored by Team Ontario Integrated Support Team staff in the areas of mental performance, physical training, nutrition and therapy

Athlete/Coach Development Camp

  • Male and female athletes, club coaches of male and female athletes
  • October 13-15th, 2017. Location TBD (dates subject to change)
  • Athletes will train with Team Ontario coaches and guest coaches from National Team programs. The club coaches of identified athletes will have professional development sessions with National Team staff and Team Ontario mentor coaches.

Team Ontario Elite Winter Camp

  • Male and Female athletes
  • An extra 12-16 athletes per gender will be invited to join the camp
  • December 8-10th, 2017 in Burlington (subject to change)
  • Athletes will train for two days and go through different sport science sessions. Testing will be done to track the progress of athletes. Special guests coaches will be present.

France Trip

  • Male and female athletes (coaches are welcome but will have to pay for their trip)
  • March Break 2017 (dates to be confirmed)
  • Athletes will train at the French National Youth Training center, join training sessions of the French Youth National Team, attend professional volleyball matches and play local youth teams in official matches


Athletes will be identified through the following 2017 programs by the Team Ontario coaches (athletes who can’t participate in Team Ontario could be identified at tryouts):

  • Athletes born in 2000 and later selected to the 18U Team Ontario are automatically part of Team Ontario Elite
  • Team Ontario 17U
  • 16U National Team

12 athletes per gender will be identified and an extra 12-16 athletes will be identified to join the Winter Camp


The 2017-18 club coaches of the identified athletes will have access to professional development opportunities and personal mentorship at no cost through this program.



Programs are subsidized by OHPSI and the OVA. There will be a minimal cost for services, camps and trip to France (below $1,000).


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