Scorpions Volleyball Club Seeking Coaches

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Press Release (02/13/2017) Cambridge, ON - The Scorpions Youth Volleyball Club Inc. from Cambridge Ontario has over one thousand youth in their beach and indoor programs combined. 

The club is looking for new coaches to help in their boys and girls development program for both their indoor and beach season.

Coaches receive an honorarium and all required coaching courses are paid for by the club.

Paul Langan, founder of Scorpions Youth Volleyball Club states," The foundation and success of our club depends on a strong development program."

"Coach John Foreman and Coach Bernadine Verstraeten are doing a fantastic job but we need more coaches to help with existing programs. There is also a large demand for more boys and girls indoor and beach programs and we want to meet the needs of our players and the comunity."

For more information go to: or call Paul Langan at 519-993-0143

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