The Playbook: A Student-Athlete's Guide to Success

Monday, October 2, 2017

Robert Grilli  graduated the from the University of Houston cum-laude with a BS in Economics. During his Senior year he wrote The Playbook: A Student-Athlete's Guide to Success, while managing a full course load and varsity baseball season. The book has been featured by the NCAA in its Champion Magazine ( while being implemented by numerous teams, and athletic departments across North-America.

The Playbook’s goal is to empower and aid student-athletes in their unique journey through college; enabling them to achieve success in the classroom, their respective sport, and in their social lives. The Playbook is student-athlete specific not sport specific book meaning each reader is able to have their personal Playbook regardless of the sport they play. The book takes the reader through a goal setting exercise, discusses how to manage time as a student-athlete, the art of communication and the importance of developing relationships with teachers/coaches/teammates/classmates along with providing tips on studying and test taking.

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