OVA Beach Tour 2017 - What’s New?!

Friday, May 12, 2017

With our Beach Tour season starting this month, be sure to check out the details below outlining what's new for the 2017 Beach Tour season!

Ontario Championships Eligibility

In order to compete in a single age division at Ontario Championships:

  • Each athlete must participate in a minimum of 3 events in the age division the athlete wishes to qualify for
  • Two (2) events must be OVA Beach Tour events, the 3rd event can be a Satellite event or a Beach Tour event.

In order to compete in two age divisions at Ontario Championships:

  • An athlete can qualify for 2 age divisions at Ontario Championships by playing 2 OVA Beach Tour events in each of the 2 age divisions
  • For Example, to compete in both 15U and 16U age divisions each athlete must compete in 2 x 16U and 2 x 15U Beach Tour events.

Sunshine Series

  • In order to improve the effectiveness of our points system, the Sunshine Series has been created and will offer more points than other Beach Tour Events
    • For Example, 1050 points for 1st place finish (vs. 1000 at a regular OVA Beach Tour stop)
    • Please see section 3.5.2 of the OVA Beach Tour Player’s Handbook for detailed point allocations
  • Sunshine Series Tournament Dates & Locations:
    • June 3rd & 4th – Toronto
    • June 24th & 25th – Toronto
    • July 8th & 9th – Cobourg
    • July 22nd & 23rd – Toronto
  • These events were chosen as they are the Beach Tour locations that traditionally had the highest participation rates
  • Rationale:  Events with high participation rates should award more points than events with fewer teams

Hand Setting Rule for 12U – 16U (All Divisions) & 18U (Championship, Challenger and Trillium Divisions)

  • A player may have a double contact on their second contact when completing a set to their teammate using an overhand pass, provided the ball has a trajectory perpendicular to the line of the player’s hands, shoulders and hips and the double contact involves only the hands 
  • The intent of this rule is to encourage athletes to hand set during competition without penalty and to take full advantage of the benefits of hand setting


  • Each coach will now be given a badge for identification purposes that must be worn throughout the day and returned at the end of the day. Coaches must identify themselves to all parties participating in the match including the opposing team, the player referees and the OVA referee supervisor in the area. The coach’s name must be included on the match score sheet. 

Please be sure to also visit our YouTube video which is a step by step guide on how to register for 2017 OVA Beach Tour events and what to expect at all beach tournaments this summer.

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Wallace, Manager of Beach Programs at swallace@ontariovolleyball.org.

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