OVA Announces Canada's First ACCREDITED CLUBS

Friday, January 31, 2014

Volleyball Canada and the Ontario Volleyball Association are proud to announce Pakmen Volleyball Club (Mississauga, Ontario), The Ottawa Mavericks Volleyball Club and Forest City Volleyball Club (London, Ontario) as Canada’s first officially Accredited Clubs.

Club Accreditation is a new program that recognizes and rewards the contributions exceptional clubs make to the development of volleyball in Canada.  It will be awarded annually to clubs who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in several areas including coach, athlete and volunteer development, accountable governance, gender balance, and club capacity, among other criteria.

“Volleyball Canada is pleased to recognize these three established clubs that have proven they deserve accreditation status,” said Mark Eckert, Executive Director of Volleyball Canada. “We are looking forward to expanding this program nationally and continuing to put the spotlight on the clubs who are contributing so much to our sport at so many levels.”

The Ottawa Maverick Volleyball Club

The Maverick Volleyball Club is approaching its 30th year of providing high-quality bilingual volleyball programs for Ottawa and the surrounding area. Through the Maverick’s founder Kerry MacLean, and the commitment and leadership of Greg Skotnicki and John Nguyen, the club has developed some of Ontario’s top male and female athletes.

The Maverick Volleyball Club has grown to heights that I never could have imagined” states Kerry MacLean, the club’s Founder and Chairman. “It is a special moment to be recognized” explains John Nguyen, current Interim President of the Maverick Volleyball Club. “It validates the fact that we did the right things for our athletes, their parents, our coaches and volunteers.”

Back left to right: John Spack, Francois St-Denis, Denis Gaboury and Bruce Dunning Middle: Tammy St-Denis, Sally Spack, Christina MacLean and Sheila Roy Seated: Greg Skotnicki, Kerry MacLean and John Nguyen Missing: Louise Gratton and Patrick Lacasse

Pakmen Volleyball Club

Established in 2002, the Pakmen Volleyball Club has grown into one of Canada’s largest and most diverse youth volleyball clubs. Serving in the Mississauga and surrounding area, this volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization has captured dozens of Provincial and National titles in both beach and indoor volleyball.

Pakmen feel their “greatest accomplishment has been our ability to stick to our Mission and Vision which has allowed us to build our success from the bottom up by reaching out to those who traditionally do not play club volleyball. Our club is rich with diversity” and it is this diverse model that has attracted some outstanding leaders, such as Mr. Ravi Sodhi, who donated funds to help build beach volleyball courts for the club and community.

“We are very excited about Volleyball Canada’s new Club Accreditation program and we feel honored to be an Accredited Club. -Pakmen Volleyball Club

Kelly Smith and Ravi Sodhi

Forest City Volleyball Club

London, Ontario, otherwise known as the “Forest City”, has remained home to one of the most successful volleyball clubs in Ontario. With more than a twenty year history, Forest City Volleyball Club (FCVC) is a not-for-profit-organization dedicated to athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

FCVC’s mission is to foster an interest, appreciation, and love of volleyball at the grassroots level and to provide the development and training necessary to allow elite athletes to reach their full potential. FCVC’s greatest achievement is their “longevity and continuity: Parents of alumni remain to volunteer; athletes return to coach; and coaches stay to work”.  

“Accreditation reinforces the importance of high-quality organizations within the club-based system of our great sport. We consider this a validation of our long-term developmental approach over the past two decades, as well as a testament to the excellence and dedication of our many hardworking volunteer coaches and administrators.”-Forest City Volleyball Club

Seated, left-to-right:  Barb Bentley, Paulette Laidman, Marcie Grail, Mary Forbes,  Jane Peckham, Standing, left-to-right: Chuck Chelladurai, Vaughan Peckham, Lloyd Rumble, Dean Lowrie, Jeff Forbes, Bob Mann, Neal James, Sean Pellow, Ken Venhuizen, Missing: Barry Brownlee, Janice Jones, Susan Buckman, Mike McIlmoyle

“We are extremely proud to recognize the outstanding contribution these tremendous clubs make in the volleyball community. We couldn’t think of three more deserving organizations to become Canada’s first Accredited Clubs”. - Jason Trepanier Technical Director, Ontario Volleyball

To view the Club Accreditation criteria click here.

These clubs will remain Accredited Clubs until the new list of accredited clubs is announced in 2015. Clubs meeting the Club Accreditation standards will be able to place the Club Accreditation logo on their promotional material as long as they remain an accredited club.

For more information please contact OVA Technical Director Jason Trepanier jtrepanier@ontariovolleyball.org

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