Ottawa Fusion Seeking Coaches for 2017/18

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club is looking for a select few exceptional people to join our team of energized, committed and extraordinary coaches! 

Do you have a passion for DEVELOPING athletes?
Do you believe that old schoolcoaching NEEDS TO CHANGE?
Do you think there is a BETTER WAY to coach competitive volleyball?

If YES, read on!

Our family of coaches work together to motivate, inspire, and excite.  Fusion coaches reinforce effort, commitment and athlete ownership in their growth.  Fusion coaches take pride in developing athletes to their fullest potential through a specialized program of physical and mental training, physical conditioning, beach and indoor off-season training.  We have no elitist names or high performance titles, just one standard - that success is #earnednotgiven.

Join us in building the most revered program for developing exceptional athletes.  Athletes with respect, commitment and exceptional work ethic – qualities that will endure well beyond club days!  

 If this energizes you, please contact:

 And check out this video to see what we are up to


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