A Message from Josh Binstock

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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I'm super fired up and excited to host "wiCAN's second annual Beach Volleyball March Break Camp!

The feedback and success of last year's camp inspired me to continue the experience for the next generation of athletes and provide an opportunity for them to connect with other Olympians and National Team athletes.

During my developmental years, there was no such opportunity where that many Olympians or National Team athletes were in one place around me.

I feel the best way to bridge that gap is to personally connect developing athletes with current Olympians and National Team Athletes. Therefore all of the @wicancanada coaches/Inspirers are Olympians and National Team athletes who share that vision.

Athletes will learn how to:

• Execute volleyball skills (especially under pressure)
• Cultivate resilience and build mental toughness
• Learn strategies to achieve desired goals (on and off the court)
• Optimize nutrition
• How to be an ideal teammate
• Balance academics and athletics
• Understand the importance of mind/body health

Athletes will leave this camp:

• Feeling inspired
• With increased confidence
• Heightened self-awareness
• Broadened respect and love for the game
• A stronger leader in life both on and off the court

Register today for wiCANès Beach Volleyball March Break Camp.