LVC Athletes Finding Success Along High Performance Pathway

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Over the past few years, London Volleyball Club has been developing a dynamic Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model with an emphasis on moving athletes along a High Performance pathway.

LVC President and 14U Head Coach Dave Bellehumer states, "In my 30 years of coaching, I have never witnessed so many athletes developing so quickly. I wish we would have introduced [the pathway] in LVC's first year."

In line with the OVA and Volleyball Canada models, LVC's High-Performance Model keys in on 8 significant points:

1) Chris Lawson - Hired as LVC Pathway Coordinator, directing 9 Lead Coaches

2) Lead Coaches - Ensure quality consistent instruction across all LVC teams. Each "Training Cohort" (i.e. 14U Girls) has a Lead Coach that is responsible for leading practice planning, Yearly Training Plans, collaboration opportunities, positional training, etc. 

3) Standardized Yearly Training Plans (YTP's) - Implemented by Lead Coaches to best guide athlete development, mindful of work/rest balance and external factors (school sports, exams, etc.)

4) Multi-Court Facilities - All teams will train at multi-court facilities with all teams in their cohort. This allows position-specific training and skill-specific training for the athletes.

5) Tournament Rosters of 10 Athletes - At the 13U to 16U age, High-Performance Teams will compete in teams of 10. This allows for more playing time and more athletes on the court. At 17U and 18U, teams will carry 12 athletes.

6) Physical Testing Database - Athletes that are healthy long-term is a priority. Testing measures are age-appropriate and help provide valuable information for athlete selection and development.

7) Technical Committee - To ensure athletes are selected and developed in line with LTAD principles, the LVC Technical Committee works alongside Lead Coaches, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

8) Capacity Building - Lead Coach model builds a wider base of high-performance athletes and provides professional development opportunities for developing Assistant Coaches.

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