London Sharks Receive Dairy Farmers' Women Champions Fund

Monday, October 23, 2017

Dairy Farmers of Canada has given away 30 grants of $5,000 each to deserving female athletes, teams, or organizations. The Champions Fund was created by Dairy Farmers of Canada to empower the female athletic community, to provide a resource that can help change the game for Canada’s young girls and women athletes. Anyone from Canada’s female athletic community aged 13 and older can apply, or apply on behalf of their team, tournament, camp or program.

This year the London Sharks Volleyball Club applied to enable 50 girls from low income families in London (ages 13 to 16 years old) to be able to attend the Sharks Developmental House League at no cost. Last week their application was announced as one of the successful 30 from across Canada.

According to the Sharks, “Low Income families, or social assistance recipients are often unable to enroll their daughter in sporting activities due to registration costs. Families have to prioritize other household expenses such as rent, food, etc therefore providing an active lifestyle for their daughters is not addressed.

We believe that sporting activities help young girls become stronger women. Volleyball active girls improve their health, self esteem, community participation, and provides them with equal opportunity in our society. Volleyball inspires girls to become strong leaders as they learn to overcome challenges as a team.”

Join us in congratulating the Sharks on this initiative!

List of other recipients:

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