Call for Coaches for Regional Program

Friday, December 15, 2017

The OVA is looking for passionate coaches who want to contribute to the development of young athletes and participate in their own development as coaches to be part of the Regional High Performance program.

The OVA High Performance Regional Program will allow athletes from across the province to experience a high-performance style of training and instruction through an overnight training camp. In addition, athletes will be exposed to a unique competitive opportunity by participating in the 2018 Ontario Summer Games (OSG). The goal of the program is to expose more athletes to high performance volleyball concepts as to create a broader and more skilled group of athletes in Ontario.

Another priority of this program is coach development. Regional coaches will be working alongside Team Ontario mentor coaches during the training camp. The Regional program is an important step in the identification of future Team Ontario coaches.

The OVA welcomes everyone who meets the eligibility requirements to apply. We specifically encourage female coaches to apply as it is a strategic priority for Ontario Volleyball to promote the participation of females in coaching at all levels. 


Coaches must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a member of the OVA (Required)
  • Head coaches must be fully certified Development coach by April 2018
  • Practical understanding of Volleyball Canada’s LTAD
  • Must possess a Vulnerable Sector Screening & Police Screening Check completed within the last three (3) years and have signed off on the OVA Screening Disclosure Form. Teachers are not exempt from OVA policy. (Required)
  • Prior involvement in OVA age-division programs (Recommended)
  • Practical understanding of positive youth development principles
  • Able to fulfil the time commitment required by the regional Team Program (Required)

If you are not certain about meeting the eligibility requirements, please email your Regional contact:

Region 1: Tony Curciarello (president)
Region 2: Danny Gosselin (president)
Region 3: Tauri Caputo (president)
Region 4: Kiana Delacruz (president)
Region 5: Daniel Shermer (president)
Region 6: Irena Zamboni (president)


  • Identify, train and coach athletes at the Regional High Performance Training Camp
  • Attend and participate in all coach development activities during the Regional Training Camp
  • Act as a liaison with the region and participate in meetings as required
  • Responsible for implementing the Code of Conduct of players and staff during training and on site at the Games
  • Promote the Regional Team Program and the OVA
  • Ensure that all areas of risk management are being upheld


Coaches will be expected to participate in the following activities:

Regional Athlete Selection Camp - TBD by Region
Regional High Performance Training Camp (indoor) - Jul 28th – Aug 2nd (Guelph
Regional High Performance Training Camp (beach) - Jul 29th – Aug 2nd (Horseshoe)
Ontario Summer Games - Aug 3rd – 5th (London)

**Any other activities as determined by the Regional contact and/or the OVA High Performance Director


Your application should include:

To apply for a Regional program coach position, send your application to:


Your Regional Contact AND Carrie Campbell (indoor):


Your Regional Contact AND Suzanne Wallace (Beach):


 Regional Contacts


Thank you for your time. Only successful candidates will be contacted for a follow-up interview.

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