April's TeamSnap Coach of the Month is Mark Stevens

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We are proud to announce that Mark Stevens of the Waterdown Raiders has been awarded the TeamSnap Coach of the Month for the month of April! Mark will be rewarded with six months of TeamSnap’s best plan for free, a $108 value!

Mark is the head coach of Raiders 17U Girls. His nominator says:

There is not one part of Coach Mark that does not deserve this award. I have never met someone with so much love for the sport and so determined to share his passion to help players improve their skills. A coach is someone who guides, inspires and empowers an athlete to achieve their highest potential, and that is exactly what Mark does. He volunteers his time to run challenging and engaging practices and has always made himself available to any player who wishes to come in early for extra help. He spends countless hours reviewing filmed practices and tournaments, highlighting positive teaching examples for every player. He then shows us this footage in order to truly explain what we need to do both individually and as a group to improve our overall performance.

Mark coaches with the perfect balance of knowledge and strategy along with a high emotional intelligence. He values team camaraderie and has organized many events to ensure that as a team, we work together and trust one another, creating special bonds both on and off the court. He is also aware of the individual differences amongst the team and has tailored communication and motivation based on specific players’ personalities.

Not only does he value the relationships within the team, but he has also created relationships with each player and takes on a mentoring role aside from just being our coach. He shares jokes and fun nicknames with every girl on the team, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. By doing this, it opens the doors of communication, and has made him very approachable to any comments, questions or feedback we may have.

The quality that makes Coach Mark most deserving of this award is his belief in every single player that walks into his gym. When I first joined the team, I had no experience with competitive volleyball and wasn’t very good, and frankly to this day still have no idea how I made the team. However throughout the past three years, Coach Mark has never stopped believing in me, and has conveyed that confidence into myself. Had I not made the team three years ago, I most likely wouldn’t have continued with the sport. Volleyball is such an important part of my life now, and I couldn’t possibly imagine living without it. It truly is amazing just how far you can go simply because someone believed in you. 

Congratulations Mark and thanks for everything you do!

We are now accepting nominations for May's TeamSnap Coach of the Month. Check here for more details and to download a nomination form.

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