2018 OVAtion Awards Banquet & OVA Hall of Fame

Sunday, June 10, 2018

At the 2018 OVAtion Awards Banquet this year at Horseshoe Resort we had the opportunity to celebrate some amazing people in the volleyball community and their contributions to the sport. In addition to the regular OVAtion Awards, the OVA also introduced the inaugural OVA Hall of Fame and inducted a number of deserving individuals into the Hall of Fame.  

With the inaugural Hall of Fame, the OVA has moved over all Honourary Life Members of the Association to the Hall of Fame under the category of Furlani Legends. In addition to moving Honorary Life Members, the OVA is also moving the Paul and Shelley Brownstein Builder Award and its past recipients into the Hall of Fame. 

Listed below are the OVAtion Award Recipients from the banquet as well as the Hall of Fame Inductees. To view a full album of photos from the night, please click here.

OVAtion Awards

Award Recipient
Ken Davies Memorial Award Justin Lui
Evelyn Holick Award Lauren Wong
Scarborough Solars Award Andrew Richards & Madeleine Garneau
Corporate Award Mettle Sports Training
Recognition Award

Anne Borschneck, Bo Brkic,
Dan Byckalo, Don Morton,
John Forman, Kevin Therkildsen,
Lynda McLean, Marcus Wu,
Meagan Nederveen, Mike Jones,
Neil Sareen, Ray Kong,
Robyn Stafford, Stephen Ward,
Steve Felker, Tauri Caputo,
Terry Wollenzien, Tracey Spragg
& Wayne Felker

Achievement Award  Doug Bond, Julie Roscoe, Mark Sutton & Haiqi Liu 
 Diane Wood Special Achievement Award  Barry Brownlee, Daniel Lethbridge,
Deborah Price & Kelly Smith 
 Dennis Pomeroy Award  Eric Lawlor
 Sylvia Jaksetic Female Official of the Year Award Lynn Watkins 
 Officials' Committee Award of Merit  Paul Higgins
 Development Male Coach of the Year Peter Stafford  
 Development Female Coach of the Year Lisa Watson 
 Mike Bugarski Male Coach of the Year  Francois St-Denis
 Sandy Silver Female Coach of the Year  Lynn Thomson
 Community Engagement Award London Sharks Volleyball Club 
 Doug Robbie Volunteer of the Year Award  The Organizing Committee of Sitting
Volleyball for the Invictus Games 


Ontario Volleyball Hall of Fame

Category Inductees
Furlani Legends

Anton Furlani, Barry Mutrie, Brenda Willis,
Dave Carey, Diane Wood, Doug Robbie,
Kristine Drakich & Paul Brownstein 


Marj Shedd & Modris Zulps 


Evelyn Holick & Don McGregor 

Referee Walter Stochansky 

1967 Canada Games Women &
1953 Toronto Central Y Estonians 


Bill Seto, Bruce Stafford, Chris Lawson,
Diane Wood, John & Val Long, John Nelson,
Jane & Vaughan Peckham, Kit Lefroy,
Jos Nederveen & Nancy Castura,
Frank & Rozika Sulatycki, Marg Holman,
Paul & Shelley Brownstein, Arvo Tiidus 

 As part of the inaugural Hall of Fame the OVA has created a  short video introduction for each of the inductees. You can view the videos below or check out the full playlist on our YouTube channel.