Complaints & Suspensions

Complaint Notice - Garth Morris

The Ontario Volleyball Association hereby notifies Garth Morris of a complaint made against him arising from or related to his involvement in:  (a) the Markham Stingers Volleyball Club; (b) the Markham (AYM) Explosion; and (c) North Central Volleyball Club.  Publication of this notice on the Ontario Volleyball Association website shall be deemed good and sufficient notice to Garth Morris of the complaint against him. (May 19, 2016)

Interim Suspensions

Effective immediately, Stewart Arevalo has been placed under suspension by the Ontario Volleyball Association. Further information will be posted when available. The Ontario Volleyball Association regrets that it is not able to share any further information at this time.


Please be advised that Jared Linden and Garth Morris (aka Zach Jameson) are not members in good standing with the Ontario Volleyball Association. Further, the Markham Stingers Volleyball Club, the Markham Explosion Volleyball Club and the North Central (Explosion) Volleyball Club are not clubs registered with or affiliated with the Ontario Volleyball Association.